Project “Voices from our Pole Sisters” is simply about sharing your pole stories.

Episode 1 by @encollowen

Why this poem?

I wrote this poem one day when I received an unpleasant comment on social media that said that I do not have the “ideal profile” of a pole dancer. I am not very tall, not very flexible and my pregnancy left wide stretch marks on my belly and thighs. It happens to me – sometimes – that I receive these kind of messages on my private messenger. So I was a bit depressed and angry because of this nasty comment, but when I watched my video to check it with my own eyes… It was not my physique that struck me but my smile! I really enjoy dancing around my pole. I was trying new things that I would never have felt able to do before …

So, I thought to myself that… after all… it does not matter to the critics if that made me happy.

And that’s exactly what I wanted to share with my other pole sisters: No matter who you are, your size, your age, your background…If you like to dance … well … dance, honey!

My poem : 
It does not matter…
It does not matter if, when you stretch your leg, they notice your skin creasing.
Because you are dancing…

It does not matter if you miss 5 cm or you have 2 cm too much to reach perfection.
Because you are experimenting…

It does not matter if, when you slip, they laugh.
Because, you, you risk…

It does not matter if they prefer to notice your shorts too short or your cleavage too plunging rather than your efforts…
Because, you … You fly.

My biography: 

I am Encollowen, “unconventional” pole dancer and mom of twins. I started pole dance, by accident, accompanying a friend to an initiation and I fell in love with this sport. For me it combines very well fitness (that I love) and dance (that I always regretted not being able to experiment when I was a child).

I try to fight the prejudices of this discipline by showing that even if we can sometimes find ourselves not thin enough, not flexible enough, too old or too shy … EVERYONE can find happiness in pole dance!

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