What’s all this talk about goal setting?

Why bother setting goals for 2021?

Well, it may seem a bit cheesy, BUT

Research shows:


Put simply, the Vision is the big picture or dream, while the Goals are the action steps we will take to turn the vision or dream into reality.

Vision: When we take time to think about what we want in life (to set our Vision) the brain automatically rewires itself to acquire this vision and achieving it becomes an essential part of our identity. Our Vision serves as a compass that guides us to choose the right moves, at the right time, and in the right way.

GOALS: Goals are the a roadmap of where we are heading to and the steps that would lead us there become clearer. 

Types of goals:

>>> So, how do I set goals for the year ahead?

Here are the steps we recommend:

  1. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE 2021 POLE & LIFE GOAL PLANNER. We have created this beautiful, free planner to help you through the goal setting process!
  2. VISION: Daydream about what you want for the future (this could be in the coming 1-5 years). Focus on what has made you happy in the past, and what a future would look like for you if it was filled with joy, satisfaction & meaning. Who would you be with? Where would be? What would you be doing? What would a week in your life look like? 
  3. Keeping this Vision of your future in your mind, brainstorm goals. No goal is too big or too small. Try this: write down 100 goals in 10 minutes. This is hard! It will challenge you to open your mind and think outside the box. What you come up with might surprise you!
  4. Choose 3 of your favourite goals from this list.
  5. Break each goal down into 5-10 Steps. These steps should be things you need to accomplish, in order, to achieve each goal. 
  6. For each of these major goals, focus on a 90 day goal (it could be Step 1 from the above, or something related to it). 90 days from now is a useful timeframe because it means you have enough time to achieve something significant, but it’s soon enough that you’ll have to get going in order to achieve it! The perfect motivator!
    • We recommend 90 day goals be Outcome goals that are within your control (e.g. enter a pole competition)
  7. Next, decide on the process and performance goals that will help you achieve the 90 day goal. 
    • For example you may schedule time to train exotic 3 times a week for the next 90 days if your goal is to enter an exotic pole competition.
  8. Schedule in the time you will need to achieve your goals. This is absolutely critical. Setting aside time in your week will make sure you devote the necessary time and energy required to get you where you want to go.
  9. Review your progress often (monthly at least) to see how you’re traveling toward your goals.

Extra tips: