Indi Pole Dance

From The Heels Up

Level 1 Instructor Training & Professional Development Program

How much do you love dancing in heels?

The emerging popularity of heels-based pole dance calls for high-quality instructors who are knowledgeable, effective & committed to learning.

We created our signature heels-based pole instructor training to elevate the standard of teaching in heels-based pole dance by providing the most comprehensive heels-based pole dance instructor training program in the pole community.

Our vision for graduates of our program

You are a knowledgeable, effective heels instructor, who can confidently provide a safe & nurturing space for pole dancers of all abilities & backgrounds.

Whether you teach online or in-person, you love to offer creative classes built on a foundation of technique & have the skills to tailor classes to the abilities & needs of your students.

You love nothing more than seeing your students progress & express their own style through heels-based pole. You know there is always more to learn & always strive to improve your teaching & dance.

Who is the program for?

"From The Heels Up Level 1 Instructor Training & Professional Development Program" is for you if:

You are a current or aspiring heels-based pole (formerly Exotic) instructor.

You want to become a professional heels instructor.

You are committed to growth, constantly seeking ways to improve your teaching & dance technique.

You are committed to learning & believe in investing in your own education.

You want to learn in a progressive, supported program with two industry leaders, Indi Pole Dance & Jazzy K.

Program Details

8 Week Program

Delivered online

2hr weekly Zoom workshop with Jazzy & the IPD team

Weekly assessments

Regular teaching practice

Investment: €1499 (payment plans available)

Time commitment: approx. 5hrs/wk

Live attendance requirement: 75%

Assessment submission requirement: 100%

Program Content


  • Creating a safe space & inclusivity
  • History, philosophy & personal journey
  • Teaching and learning styles
  • Teaching online vs offline.


  • Anatomy
  • Common movements
  • General conditioning
  • Heel anatomy
  • Heel conditioning


Foundational elements & how to teach them:

  • Heel technique - box work, weight transfer, pivoting
  • Leg swirls & rotations
  • Waves
  • Slides and glides
  • Static rotations & spins
  • Beginning single-leg turns


  • Warm ups
  • Cool downs
  • Effective class design
  • Creating choreography
  • Providing feedback


  • Functional Anatomy
  • Conditioning and Injury Prevention
  • Learning Styles
  • Progressions/Regressions/Modifications
  • Use of Heels
  • Energy Flow
  • Transitions


Over 8 weeks you will have many opportunities to practice your teaching skills both online & in-person through the program, through teaching practice sessions & meetups (where possible).

You will receive regular feedback from Jazzy and the IPD team on your teaching, to help you improve in real-time.


Each week you will have an assignment or assessment, to keep you on track & accountable. Some will be conducted during class time while others will be completed outside class.


We believe that to be a great instructor you must strive to constantly improve your dance skills. For this reason, you will develop a personalised professional development plan & execute the plan throughout the program, with our support.



Become a recognised heels-based pole instructor. Know that you've undertaken the most comprehensive training program in the industry


A video library of content to rapidly incorporate into your teaching, including warm-ups, conditioning, combos, choreographies, transitions & more.


Join our emerging global network of instructors. Have your name listed on our database & receive priority access to our teaching-related events, meet-ups & more.

Important dates

Applications open: May 3-30, 2021

Announcement of successful admission: you'll be advised by June 5

Program start date: Saturday Sept 4, 2021

Time: 19:00 CET (to be confirmed)

Application Process

To ensure the dancers in our program are a good fit for the program & have an adequate level of skill, we require two video submissions which are detailed below. Bring your real self & share your story with us, & remember, we’re not looking for perfection, just a desire to grow & an understanding of your unique skill set.

Video 1 (1-5 min): Motivational Statement

In this video, please tell us a bit about you, why you love to teach or want to teach, & of course why you want to join the program & think it’s a good fit. Please also let us know, with regard to teaching & dancing, what you think are your unique strengths & where you believe you have room for improvement/progress.

Video 2 (1-3 min): Skill demonstration

Unedited video demonstrating these elements in combination (any order):

  • Full turn on one leg (e.g. pirouette)
  • Leg & body waves
  • Controlled transfer of weight over front and side of shoe platform
  • Hip internal/external rotation
  • Holding body weight with arms (e.g. split grip, spin);
  • Use of the edges of your platform

This video can be in any style (eg old school, hardstyle, flow) & in any type of heel (eg sandals, boots) & height (eg 6, 7 or 8 inch). Skills can be demonstrated with or without music.

Technical information

For both videos, please provide a Vimeo/YouTube/weTransfer/Dropbox/Drive link. Do not attach the original file. Videos do not have to be HD (720p is fine) & files should be less than 500mb if possible.

Find out more about the program. Watch the recording of our live info session here!

Want to apply for the program?.

Email your application or questions to:

Closing date for applications: May 30, 2021

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