Online Mentorship

Receive a 4-Week Online Mentorship and Personalised Feedback from Stripper Pole Dance Artist Doris Arnold!

Class commences August 14th 2022

What will I learn?

Do you love the mesmerising sexiness of Doris Arnold’s stripper-style exotic pole? Then you definitely won’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from Doris herself! 

For the first time ever, Doris has distilled her knowledge, philosophy and technique into a progressive 4 week program. She’ll teach you the fundamental and advanced techniques characteristic of her unique stripper style exotic pole dance. 

Through weekly interactive Zoom classes, you’ll learn a combination of techniques and combos. You’ll focus on learning and perfecting your new skills, and then applying them to build your own sensual and exotic choreography. Each week you will complete and send video homework through to Doris, who will give you personalised feedback and tips on developing your skills! Throughout the month Doris will be available to answer your questions and provide guidance, whenever you need it.  

The Art of Sexy has been exclusively developed with you in mind and is not offered anywhere else!

Week 1:

The Art of Heels – Stripper Style Heelwork

Want to know how to use your heels to create beautiful lines and sensual flow? In Week 1 Doris will introduce you to her story and how she developed her unique stripper style. You will learn how to use your heels like strippers do, to move with sensuality, and how to use them to create sexy shapes, lines and undulations. Once you’ve broken down the elements, you’ll learn part of the choreo incorporating these heelwork elements. Dive into the details!

Week 2:

Play Up – Confidence & Attitude

Do you want to exude sultriness while you dance on the pole? In Week 2, you’ll learn how to bring the audience’s attention to specific parts of your body, and how to perfect the art of using the pole to create shapes that will make you look gorgeous. You’ll break down leg and body waves, learn all about accents, how to playfully dance with your face, and play with stripper style attitude. Doris will guide you with prompts through the choreo work, to playfully explore these elements and layer them onto the choreo around the pole.

Week 3:

Sexy Work – Stripper Style Moves & Transitions

In week 3, you’ll master the classic stripper style moves Doris is known for! Doris will teach you her more complex stripper style moves and transitions, with a focus on perfecting the technique to create maximum sexy impact. Work it! You’ll also work on tips and mobility exercises to maximise your range of movement in these classic moves. As always you’ll integrate what you’ve learned into the choreo, focusing on bringing the classic moves and transitions to life in your own style. 


Week 4:

Sexy Flow – Musicality, Accents & Flow

If you love to lose yourself dancing to music, this week you’ll learn how to better connect to rhythm. In this final week, Doris will break down the specific way she works with music, which is unique to stripper style pole. You’ll learn more stripper style moves, and how to catch the accents in the music and play with them for effect. Doris’ prompts, tips and exercises will help you improve your own flow, and spark your inner sensual goddess. You will be your own brand of sexy! 

Join The Art of Sexy now for just €399.

In order for Doris to give all dancers enough time and attention, this 4 week program is strictly limited to 25 students. Enrol now to avoid missing out! 

What’s included in the Mentorship?


In-depth workshops (value €180): 4 x 90min interactive Zoom workshops (1 per week).  You’ll also receive the recording directly after class. This workshop series is progressive and covers exclusive content not taught anywhere else. All recordings are yours to keep forever.


Tutorials for self-study (value €200): Weekly guided tutorials, showing the key techniques and combos you need to know to perfect this style, and to revise what you’ve learned in workshops. Use the tutorials to practice what you’ve learned throughout the week, and to accelerate your own self-practice. All tutorials are yours to keep forever.


Weekly feedback from Doris (value €160): Personalised feedback on your videos every week by private video and voice message. You will be able to share your videos privately with Doris and you’ll receive personalised feedback to help you improve. Feeling stuck on a particular element? Throughout the month Doris will be available to answer your questions and provide guidance when you need it.


Private Q&A session with Doris (value €50): 1 x Zoom Q&A (45 min) where Doris will answer questions you have about all things about her pole dancing style, and experience. Ask anything!


Doris’s personal guidance (value €150): Think of Doris as your personal coach during your Mentorship. You’ll have private messaging access to Doris 24/7 during the Mentorship. Each week Doris will be available to provide you with ongoing support, tips, tricks, answers to your questions and to keep you on track during your Mentorship. 


Messaging support: A private Telegram messaging group with Doris and the other dancers on your Mentorship program, so you can connect and stay accountable and motivated during your mentorship program. 

Total Value of the Program: € 740

Enrol today for just € 399

This Mentorship is strictly limited to 25 places.

When is the Mentorship?

The Mentorship starts on August 14, and runs for 4 weeks.

Dates: Sunday 14th August / Sunday 21st August / Sunday 28th August / Sunday 4th September

The above dates at 7 PM CEST (Europe) /10 AM PDT (Los Angeles) /1 PM EDT (New York) /6 PM BST (London)

What if I can’t attend live?

Don’t worry, everything is recorded, and all content is yours to keep forever! As long as you submit your weekly homework on time you’ll gain loads from this program and Doris’ feedback. 

Do I get to work with Doris directly during the program?

Yes! Our small group structure means you get feedback from Doris in class. You also get feedback from Doris on your practices every week, when you send her your content. This will help you make progress, FAST!

What if I don’t have my own pole?

We suggest booking some time at your local studio to complete each week’s class or asking around your pole dancing community to see if someone will let you borrow their pole setup!

What equipment do I need to participate in the program?

To get the most out of this comprehensive program we recommend having a laptop or tablet with a strong wifi connection to participate in the weekly Zoom classes and for recording your homework, as well as access to Telegram and a pole to practice on.

How long will I have access to the program materials?

You’ll receive lifetime access to all content! All the workshop recordings and tutorials (12 in total) are yours to download and keep forever, so you can revisit the lessons at any time.

Will I receive a Certificate?

Yes! Have your commitment to learning and professional development recognised through a certificate of completion.

Who can I contact if I have technical issues or questions?

You’ll receive complete customer support from our team here at Indi Pole, should you have any questions or technical issues during the program. We are here to help!

About Doris

There is no one like Doris Arnold (@dorisarnoldpoledancer). Not only is Doris one of our pole community’s most sensual dancers, but Doris is also a pioneer of the stripper style pole and a strong advocate for women’s expression and sensuality. Her passion is creating safe spaces for women to connect with their own inner sexiness and express themselves on the pole. 

With a background in stripping, Doris will help you bring out your natural sensuality with her open, friendly and playful teaching style. Throughout the program, you’ll learn her signature stripper style exotic pole moves and transitions, while adding your own style. Learn to love your body, express your sensuality on the pole, and discover your inner sex appeal with Doris, in the privacy of your own home.

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Secure one of just 25 places in The Art of Sexy for just €399

Please note: In order for Doris to give all dancers enough time and attention, this 4 week program is strictly limited to 25 students. Enrol now to avoid missing out!