The Art of Sexy 

a 4-Week Mentorship in Sensual Exotic with Doris Arnold

Do you love the mesmerising sexiness of Doris Arnold’s stripper style exotic pole? Do you want to connect deeper with your own sensuality & let your own sex appeal shine through when you dance?

In creating “The Art of Sexy” – a 4-week Mentorship, infamous Doris Arnold has distilled her knowledge, philosophy and technique to bring you the essential and advanced techniques characteristic of her unique stripper style exotic.

Want to exude sex appeal? Learn the techniques and embrace the attitude that will make you look and feel gorgeous as you move around the pole. You’ll cover the classic stripper style techniques, with a focus on the details and the attitude, including heel technique, face and body confidence, classic pole moves, musicality and flow.

We have crafted this Mentorship as an intensive. You won’t believe the progress you will make in just 4 weeks! You will be mentored by Doris Arnold, one of our community’s pioneers of exotic and a strong advocate for women’s expression and sensuality. Every week you’ll learn live online with Doris during our Zoom workshops, and benefit from the years of training and development Doris has devoted to crafting her unique style. Every week you’ll also receive personalised feedback from Doris on your pole video, with her suggestions and tips to help you improve further.

Like to have someone to keep you accountable? The Mentorship program is the perfect balance of interactive learning, self-study, and instructor feedback, combining weekly zoom sessions, tutorials, and personalised weekly feedback from Doris. You’ll also have a peer to peer messaging group with other dancers in your program, and a fully hosted experience and support from our dedicated customer service team.

This mentorship is for dancers of all abilities, as long as you feel comfortable dancing in heels. There are no trick or flexibility requirements, just a passion for dance & the desire to dive deep into a progressive learning program! You will need a pole to participate.

Join your mentor Doris, for a month-long adventure in self-expression, sensuality and stripper style pole technique. Take your dance to the next level and learn how to create your own style of sensual movement through exotic pole dance.

Express your interest below, and we will be in touch with more info as soon as it’s available.

This Mentorship is a world first! Nowhere else will you find such a unique and immersive 4-week program focused on helping you express sensuality & learn the stripper style exotic pole technique. Places will be strictly limited to 25 dancers and offered first to those who have expressed interest.