Bali FAQs

Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. I hope they will help you with your Retreat
planning & get you all set for an amazing time in paradise!

General info about the retreat

Yes. Each Retreat will be split into two workshop groups, based on level. This will ensure you get all the attention you need, can work on skills suited to where you are at, and have a pole to yourself!

We will send out a survey prior to the retreat which will ask a few questions about your pole level and for your Instagram profile so we can see what level you are at. If you are attending the Retreat with some friends and want to be in the same group, please mention this in the survey.


We will send this to you in the Retreat Telegram chat about a week before your Retreat.

Day 1 & Day 7 of your retreat are set aside for arrivals and departures. All our pole workshops are scheduled for Days 2, 3, 5 & 6. Day 4 (Wednesday) does not have any pole workshops and is either a day for you to rest or sightsee. We have a welcome dinner on Day 1. We have a farewell dinner on Day 6. On Day 7 we have breakfast together before everyone departs. 


These events aren’t compulsory but are a great way to start and finish your retreat.


On Day 1 you’ll arrive, and we will get together for the Welcome dinner at 6pm. On Days 2, 3, 5, and 6 we meet for breakfast from 7am-8am. Workshops are held during the day (either in the morning or afternoon). We meet for lunch from 12pm-1pm at the villas. Your afternoons and evenings are free to explore all the nearby restaurants, beach clubs and shopping. We have a rest day on Wednesday. On that day, we will have breakfast at 7am-8am and then the rest of your day is free. On Day 6, we have a farewell dinner at 7pm. Day 7 is set aside for departures. We have a later breakfast at around 9am and then your day is free to relax at the villas or explore until your transfer.


You will receive this about a week prior to retreat as well in the Telegram group.

Where the schedule permits, yes, we would love for you to have the chance to work one on one with your favourite instructors! Please talk directly with the instructor to arrange this, as as well as the pole studio to arrange a time when the studio will be free.

We will have a professional photographer on each Retreat! If you would like to showcase your hard work in a photoshoot, we have a limited number of photoshoot packages available on each Retreat. Let us know if you’d like more information on the packages available.

We arrange all of this for you. You don’t need to book as we include this in your schedule.


We create a Telegram group prior to the Retreat so you can connect with your hosts as well as the other dancers attending the Retreat.

Included in your package are welcome dinner, farewell dinner, all breakfasts and lunches. You have the freedom to explore the amazing restaurants available for dinners. Workshop only package includes welcome and farewell dinner only.

Absolutely! Our chef specialises in amazing dishes for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free & coeliac diets. We can accommodate all requirements and will ask you about your requirements in the pre-retreat survey we will send you.

We will be training at Pole Bali (@pole_bali), located at  Gg. Madya Selatan No.4, Kerobokan, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung.

The pole studio is airconditioned and drinking water is available at the studio.

The villas you are staying at are in walking distance to many bars, the beach and shops but if you need transport to get somewhere we recommend you download the GRAB app. You don’t need an Indonesian number BUT you will need to be able to receive a text to get your confirmation code so bear this in mind and be sure you have international roaming on. Through GRAB you can book a taxi or a motorbike.

A hairdryer is available in each villa.

If you need any laundry done you can arrange this with the villa staff.

Drinking water is available in the villas.

There are a number of things you can do to help avoid getting Bali belly, such as:

  • Only drink bottled or filtered water.
  • You should also brush your teeth with bottled water and avoid getting it in your mouth in the shower. 
  • Ask for drinks without ice. Ice is often made with tap water.
  • Make sure your tea, coffee, or juices are made with bottled or boiled water.
  • Be cautious about where you get your fruit and vegetables from. Make sure to wash them with bottled or boiled water.
  • Be vigilant about washing your hands and using a hand sanitiser.
  • Avoid eating raw, rare or uncooked meat.

If you do get Bali belly, here are some general tips to help you get better:

  • Drink plenty of bottled water to help reduce your risk of dehydration.
  • To replace lost salts and minerals from your body, drink oral rehydration drinks.
  • Limit consumption of dairy foods as this can worsen diarrhoea.
  • Avoid alcohol and spicy foods.
  • Let us know so we can help you seek medical advice from a doctor.

Sim cards can be bought at the airport or in various locations nearby the villas.

Yes, drinking water is provided at the villas for you.

Before coming to Bali

You will fly in to Denpasar Airport (airport code DPS). Day 1 and 7 of your retreat are set aside for arrivals and departures. All our pole workshops are scheduled for Days 2-6 of each Retreat. Workshops finish by 4.30pm on Day 6. On Day 1 we have a welcome dinner at 6pm, on Day 6 we have a farewell dinner at 7pm, and on Day 7 we have breakfast together at about 9am. These events aren’t compulsory but are a great way to start & finish your retreat. Accommodation is provided for Day 1-6 inclusive (not Day 7 as that is departure day). Please send us your flight number & arrival time once you’ve booked your flights. If you decide to arrive before the Retreat or extend your stay beyond this is totally fine but you will need to arrange your own accommodation. Generally, the Island Houses (where we stay during Retreat) has a 3 minimum stay.


The Denpasar International Airport is approximately a 40 minute drive from The Island Houses, our private Villa complex in Seminyak.

If your flight arrives on Day 1 of the Retreat (Sunday), we will pick you up from the airport. We will have our driver there to meet you, holding a sign with your name on it! If you depart on Day 7 of the Retreat (Saturday) we will take you to the Airport. Outside these times, you will need to arrange your own transport. If you are coming from/going to another location before or after the Retreat (e.g. another place in Bali) let us know – we would be happy to pick you up/drop you off if it is still within the Seminyak area.

If the location of the Retreat is not in your home country, travel insurance is compulsory for this Retreat. Your policy must include medical care in case of illness or injury. Specific COVID care is no longer required but we recommend it. You may also want to include travel delay/cancellation along with personal items coverage. You can purchase inexpensive insurance through a variety of providers, including online. Please send us a copy of your insurance certificate prior to the Retreat.

The Island Houses (@theislandhouses) are in Seminyak. The address is Jalan Sari Dewi 29, Seminyak.

Everything for a week of pole, relaxation and adventure! All your pole gear (pole wear, heels, knee pads etc.) Bali is warm so we recommend grip aids. We also recommend a yoga mat for stretching. Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunscreen and bug spray as well. In case of blisters, we recommend bringing fabric plasters  (band aids) or kinesiology tape.

The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Bali is relatively inexpensive compared to most western countries. We will have a limited amount of IDR that we can change for you if you’re bringing USD, EURO or AUD. There are ATMS that dispense IDR, but you can also bring USD, EURO or AUD and exchange at the money changers. We can help you do this.

Seminyak is one of Bali’s most vibrant areas, full of delicious restaurants, cute bars and cafes, and beautiful boutiques. Just a short walk from the villa is the beach, and Bali’s best beach bars ( for example Ku De Ta, Potato Head and Atlas). If you plan to do some personal travel before or after the retreat, Seminyak is within easy access to most tourist attractions.

Other fun activities we recommend for your rest day or before/after your Retreat are beach visits (for example Thomas Beach or Impossible Beach), surf lessons, Ubud day trip or a visit to the Giant Swing.

Bali uses the type C plug which has two round pins.

Please consult your doctor regarding immunisations you may need.


Awesome! That’s not a problem. You can arrange to extend your stay with the hotel directly or plan the rest of your holiday as you please.

Bali is a small island, full of amazing things to see! We recommend visiting Ubud and the nearby islands (including Gili Islands, Nusa Lembongan). There are plenty of sights to see within a couple of hours drive of Seminyak. 

At the airport

Covid-19 info

If you show symptoms, our health staff will help arrange a test. If you test positive, we will assist you with understanding your options with respect to isolation. If required, you will be transferred to a hospital for treatment at your own expense.

Every Indi Pole team member is triple vaccinated.  All villa staff are double or triple vaccinated. All instructors are fully vaccinated.