Hi there beautiful dancer! We know starting out in heels isn’t easy, so we’ve created two tutorials to help you get started On your heels journey. Enjoy, & if you want to join us for a live class, we’d love to see you in our ONLINE STUDIO.  

Join Indi for this Beginner Heels Combo. Learn how to walk with confidence around the pole, and learn the technique for waves, pirouettes, squats, turns & more!

Join Indi for another Beginner Heels Combo. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to transfer weight to the slope of your heel, learn leg swirl technique & even your first twirl!

Did you know we have an online studio?

  • 12+ live zoom classes every week
  • Team of 5 experienced instructors
  • Classes on heels, tricks & combos, choreography, strength & conditioning & more
  • Pole star workshops & 4 week series
  • On-demand library of 100+ class recordings 
  • All access membership costs just €22 per week!