Weekly classes

Heels Essentials

New to heels or want to refresh the basics? Join us for this beginner-friendly heels pole class, where we focus on the fundamental moves and techniques required for a strong foundation in heels-based pole. We’ll break down everything, then put the moves together to music in a beginner-friendly flow.

Level: Absolute heels beginners+

Requirements: Heels required (6/7/8 inch), kneepads, pole. 

Beginner Heels Flow

Just started with heels, but wanna flow to music? In this class, we work on choreographies on music around the pole. We will be focusing on musicality, technique and sealess connections between the moves. 

Level: Absolute pole beginners+

Requirements: pole, heels, kneepads 

Heels Flow

Got some experience wearing heels and want to learn choreographies around the pole? This is the class for you! In this class we work on choreography to music, focusing on technique, seamless connection between moves, and accents. Primarily using the base (bottom third) of the pole.

Level: 6 months heels experience+

Requirements: heels (7/8 inch); kneepads, pole.

Slinky Heels

Love technical heelwork, old-school pole dance vibes & have some experience dancing in heels? In this heels technique-focused class, you will explore the shapes & lines you can create using your heels. We will slide, skate, drive & drag. Learn the secrets to making your heelwork look weightless, flowing & fluid. We’ll break down everything, then put it together to music.

Level: 6 months heels experience+

Requirements: Heels required (Sandals, 7/8 inch), knee pads, pole


Love acrobatic elements at the base of the pole? This class combines pole dance, basic acrobatic & gymnastic elements. We will work on a range of foundational acrobatic moves including variations of shoulder-, elbow-, & handstand, fish flop, cartwheel & more. We’ll use these moves on & around the pole.
Level: For dancers who can safely shoulder stand

Requirements: Pole, kneepads, shoulders covered, heels or socks

Beginner Pole

If you’re new to pole or want to refresh your beautiful basics, this is the class for you! You’ll learn all the fundamental pole techniques (non-spinning and spinning pole) and gain strength, flexibility & confidence. We can’t wait to dance with you!

Level: Absolute pole beginners+

Requirements: pole

Intermediate / Advanced Pole

If you can invert from the floor, this is the class for you! This class will focus on intermediate and advanced pole techniques, tricks, and combos on static and spin. We will have more/less challenging options for everything.

Level: Can safely invert (straddle) on both sides

Requirements: pole

Let It Flow - Poleography

Just let go and connect with the music. In this class, we’ll create a choreography (e.g. lyrical, sensual, dramatic style), get in tune with the music, and learn how to flow with it. Learn how to use your pole as a way to connect with yourself and express your emotions. Breathe in energy, release your magic.
Level: Beginner+

Requirements: Pole, knee pads

Playing with Progressions

This is a sequenced-based dance class focused on exploring movement around the lower third of the pole. Sequences will be deconstructed into multiple progressions for students to analyze, sample, and freestyle with. At the end of class, we will use the sequence in a short (timed) choreography.

This class is designed for students who are comfortable walking and pivoting in stripper heels without the aid of a pole.

Requirements: pole

Spinning Pole

In this course, specific flows and combinations are learned on the spinning pole. Here we get used to the unique dynamics step by step and work specifically to be able to use the spin in various motion sequences. We learn to create smooth transitions and learn how the rotations can help us with different combinations and tricks. The course is aimed at everyone who can safely invert and who want to move seemingly weightless in the air.

Level: Can safely invert (straddle) on both sides

Requirements: pole

Sweat & Flow

Get your daily shot of endorphins by moving with us! “Sweat & Flow” is a challenging but mindful mobility class where we’ll use exercises from various disciplines to increase our mobility. This class will help you to get a better understanding of your body, & develop your stamina and mobility for pole dancing.

Level: All levels

Requirements: No pole required

Fiercely Strong

Are you looking for an effective way to get stronger on the pole?
In this strength & conditioning class, you’re going to gain stamina & strength through exercises using only your body weight. Improve your body control off the pole to become more powerful on the pole. Become fiercely strong!

Level: All levels

Requirements: No Pole required.