Online Mentorship

A 4-Week Mentorship in Edgework Artistry with Tati Blue

Starts Sept 18 2022

What will I learn?

Want to glide like a weightless goddess around the pole and over the floor? Love the look of the edgework & complex heelwork trends but don’t know where to start?

In “Edgework Artistry” with Tati Blue (@tati_blue_), you will transform the way you dance in your heels, diving into all the latest Edgework techniques, including the sickle, wing and flex, along with more complex techniques. If you are a competent heels pole dancer but want to level up your technical heelwork, don’t miss this opportunity!

We have carefully crafted this program for you to improve, FAST. You won’t believe the progress you will make in just 4 weeks. Train smarter with our carefully created Mentorship program. 

Week 1: Fundamentals – Edgework & Heelcraft

The essence of the edge-craft style lies in first exploring and dancing on all your edges. In Week 1, you’ll explore how you use your shoe, revisit and refresh some fundamental heels skills, including slides, glides, drags & turns. You will discover how to gain stability, balance and control when wearing heels while you’ll dive deep into tracing the floor using different techniques.

Week 3: Fly – Advanced Edgework moves

Want to level up your gliding and skating skills while floating effortlessly over the floor? This week, you will wave, fly, and add more complex elements like stiletto rotations. Finally, you will get a sense of how to glide over the floor and combine this with weightless moves. This will take your Edgework & make it soar! Many of the techniques & elements in Week 3 are unique to Tati’s style, so you’re in for a delicious treat!

Week 2: Merge –Heels, Pole & Floor Connection

Notice & utilize the relationship between the ground, your shoes, & the pole. In Week 2 you will gain awareness of the pole, floor, and shoes & how to use each to sharpen your edge-craft technique & style. You will develop the floor-heel connection in heel-drives, weight transfer & distributions. Let’s drag, trace, slide weightlessly & smooth out new movement pathways.

Week 4: Artistry – Aesthetics, Accents & Flow

Learn to develop, explore & achieve a unique & authentic style of edgework. Don’t just copy, now take what you’ve learned & create your own art. Find a deeper connection to your own unique style using guided exercises, prompts & more. Feel the music, accents and own your flow while you skilfully trace, paint and create using your edges. Develop your artistry!

Join “Edgework Artistry” with Tati Blue now for just €399.

This Mentorship is strictly limited to 25 places.

What’s included in the Mentorship?


In-depth workshops: 4 x 90min interactive Zoom workshops (1 per week) including personal guidance during class. You’ll also receive the recording directly after class. This workshop series is progressive & covers exclusive content not taught anywhere else. All recordings are yours to keep forever


Tutorials for self-study: weekly edited tutorials, showing the key techniques & combos learned in class. Use this to practice what you’ve learned throughout the week, & to further your own self-practice.


Tati’s weekly feedback on yur video submission: Personalised feedback on your videos every week by private video & voice message. You will be able to share your videos privately with Tati, showing you practising what you’ve learned, and you’ll receive personalised feedback to help you improve. Feeling stuck on a particular element, or unsure about something? Throughout the month Tati will be available to answer all your questions & provide guidance, whenever you need it. 


Tati’s support & guidance: Think of Tati as your personal coach during your Mentorship. You’ll have private messaging access to Tati 24/7 during the Mentorship. Tati has cleared her calendar for the Mentorship period to enable her to check in with you each week to provide you with ongoing support, tips, tricks, answers to your questions & to keep you on track during your Mentorship.


Q&A session with Tati: 1 x Zoom Q&A (45 min) where Tati will answer questions you have about all things about her pole dancing style, from technique to instructing, to music. Ask anything!


Messaging support:A private Telegram messaging group with Tati and the other dancers on your Mentorship program, so you can connect & stay accountable & motivated during your mentorship program. 


Lifetime access to all content: All zoom recordings and tutorials (8 total) are yours to download and keep forever! 


Certificate of completion: Have your commitment to learning & professional development recognised through a certificate of completion.


24/7 customer service, plus messaging support: A private Telegram messaging group with Tati and the other dancers on your Mentorship program, so you can connect & stay accountable & motivated during your mentorship program.  You’ll also receive complete customer support from our team here at Indi Pole, should you have any questions or need anything at all during the program. We are here to help!

When is the Mentorship?

Your Mentorship program will be held over 4 weeks. You can attend live (recommended), or catch up. All content is recorded and will be available for you to download & keep.

Here’s the schedule for the live Zoom workshops (there will be 1 per week):

Dates:  Sunday September 18 / Sunday September 25 / Sunday October 2 / Sunday October 9

Time: 8am Bali / 8am HKT / 10am AEST / 2am CEST / 1 am BST / (-1 day) 8pm EST  / (-1 day) 5pm PDT 

What if I can’t attend live?

If you can’t attend the zoom workshop live, don’t worry. The zoom workshops are all recorded & available directly after class for you to keep. The Zoom workshops are the only live component. All recordings and tutorials are delivered electronically through our dedicated course platform so you can learn at your own pace. All workshops and tutorials are yours to keep forever.

Am I advanced enough for this Mentorship?

This Mentorship is for you if you already feel comfortable dancing in heels. There are no trick or flexibility requirements.

Do I get to work with Tati directly during the program?

Yes! Our small group structure means you get feedback from Tati in class. You also get feedback from Tati on your homework videos, which you’ll send each week. This will help you make progress, FAST!

**Please note you will need a pole to take part.

About Tati Blue

Dance, gymnastics and acrobatic was the first love for Tati (@tati_blue_), who started at the innocent age of 9. However, with over 25 years of training and experience in multiple genres and over two decades of teaching, performing, and choreographing, she has turned passionately to heels pole dance. Tati is crafting a truly artistic heelwork style with a strong focus on edgework. 

She believes that everyone is telling a different story with their bodies, mimic, gesture & dance and that improvisations and freestyles can guide this. The essence and the power of dance are in the combining of freestyle exercises with a solid heel technique and movement base. This is a fantastic way for Tati to connect, feel, and experience together. She is passionate about helping her students become their best & develop their unique styles by using prompts and cues. Tati will help you explore new pathways, connect your expression, and define the complex heelwork.

Since 2015 she has been sharing her knowledge about pole dance in different styles like Pole Technik, Contemporary, Acrobatic Pole or Heels based classes in workshops, regularly online and offline courses. In addition, she has been performing and won 2019 the category Classique-/semi-professional at Pole Theatre Latvia and has been the overall winner.   ( 

What other dancers saying:

Join “Edgework Artistry” with Tati Blue now for just €399.

This Mentorship is strictly limited to 25 places.