Low Flow Heels 1 Instructor Training 

General FAQs

You will find these in Kajabi. Please log in and review the information as soon as possible. 

Please also join the Telegram group (link in Kajabi) to keep up to date on course information & connect with fellow students

Your credit card will be automatically charged on approximately the same date each month for either 2 or 3 months, depending on your choice of plans.

Yes, you can change your information and payment method on Kajabi. First, log in to your Kajabi account. Then, navigate to the “My Library” section, or your Course platform page. In the top right corner, you will see an icon. Click on this icon to access the settings and billing information. Here, you can update your email address and personal information as well as change your payment method by updating your card details.

All the content for your study is released in the form of short PDFs in each section through our online platform Kajabi. You’ll also receive the entire manual as a PDF. Many students choose to print their manuals & have them bound for future reference.

To pass the course, you must pass the final exam, which involves you teaching a mock class of 20 minutes. You can choose to do this in a live zoom session or by sending a recording of you teaching a student. Your instructors will review your video & you will either pass, or your instructors may request that you re-submit (they will give you feedback to guide re-submission). You have up to 60 days to re-submit your video if this is required.

You must upload a Vimeo or Youtube video link, or a link to a dropbox or drive file.

Additional FAQs – in-person programs

No, these are not included in the program fee.

Please log in to Kajabi and join the Telegram group to always find all the important details.

Everything for a weekend of pole, socialising & learning! All your pole gear (pole wear, heels, knee pads, grip aids etc). Bring a notebook, pen, manual &  anything else that can help your learning. 

Please download the App Telegram & join the Telegram group (link in Kajabi).

Additional FAQs – Online program

Yes, you will need a pole and a small amount of floor space for the 4 x live zoom workshops.

You must attend at least 3 out of the 4 Zoom workshops live if you are enrolled in the online course. These workshops are up to 2 hrs in length. You’ll find the key dates in Kajabi.

Attendance will not be counted for those who join the workshops more than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. Please plan ahead.

The live practice sessions involve you teaching a mock class of 15 min in length, consisting of conditioning exercises & a short combination including elements from Technical Skills modules. You should prepare regressions and progressions for the combination elements.