From the Heels Up – Level 2


From the Heels UpLevel 2 

4-Week Exotic Foundations Mentorship with Jazzy K

For graduates of our FTHU Level 1 Mentorship program

Who is this mentorship for?

This mentorship is for you if you’ve completed our original From The Heels Up Mentorship with Jazzy K and want to improve your Exotic technique even further. This Level 2 Mentorship will build on the skills you’ve already learned, taking you from technique to flow.

As you know from our Level 1 program, this is an intensive learning experience that will fast track your exotic progress. This bespoke Mentorship is for you if you loved working with world-leading Exotic instructor, Jazzy K, and receiving personalised weekly feedback to help you progress.

Your instructor

By now, you know Jazzy K (@jazzykpole) well, and you are familiar with her incredible teaching skills. Jazzy has a talent for clear, precise, step-by-step instructions, breaking down the most complex movements into understandable pieces. Jazzy gives you the techniques you need, and the inspiration and support to help you become your best.

What will I learn?

In this Mentorship you will dive some of the intermediate techniques characteristic of Jazzy’s favourite style, Exotic Flow. Building on the skills you learned in Level 1, you will learn some of the more challenging flow style combinations and full-body movements that Jazzy uses to mesmerise her audiences.

Each week you’ll learn a combination of technique & choreography, so you can focus on learning & perfecting your skills, then applying them as you learn a beautiful Exotic Flow style choreography created just for you. This intensive exotic program has been exclusively developed with you in mind & is not offered anywhere else.

Week 1: Advanced Heel Technique Combos & Transitions

As you know, gorgeous flow starts from the heels up! Building on the foundational heel techniques & box work you explored in Level 1 in Week 1 you will take your heelwork to the next level! Learn more advanced ways to use your shoe as part of your foot. Learn a variety of one and two leg front edge turns and explore the sickle foot & learn how to use it to create perfect lines. As well as learning technique, you’ll start to combine what you’ve learned into a slinky choreography created just for you.

Week 2: Leg Swirls 2.0

Do you love the twirling, swirling movements seen on your favourite Exotic dancers? In Level 1 you learned how to increase dimensionality and flow using leg swirls. In Level 2, you will now incorporate leg swirls into more dynamic movements, including jumps and flows. You’ll incorporate leg swirls into a variety of different transitions and learn how to combine them for a mesmerising effect. After you’ve learned beautiful technique you’ll continue to build on the choreography.

Week 3: Power Through Waves

Remember in Level 1 you learned that body waves feature in a huge range of exotic techniques? Now, in Level 2, you’ll learn how to use body waves and leg waves to build up energy for jumps and kips. You’ll learn the correct technique for beginner kips and jumps, and harness all the beauty of spinal waves to create dynamic, seemingly effortless flow. Continue to add to the choreography you’ve learned & this week you’ll start to find your flow.

Week 4: Flow with Music

Finding your flow is all about connecting music with movement. But finding your inner musicality can be challenging! In Week 4 you’ll dive into Jazzy’s techniques for actively listening to a song and you’ll explore how to identify and use different speed and texture of movements without losing your flow. This is the Week where you start to build your own unique style. What you learn in Week 4 will improve your freestyling and help you choreograph. These two skills will help you find your own exotic style, enjoy the process more, and dance WITH the music.

What’s included in the mentorship?

During the 4-week mentorship, you’ll enjoy:

In-depth workshops (value €150): 4 x 75min interactive Zoom workshops (1 per week). Of course you’ll also receive the recording directly after class. This workshop series is progressive & covers exclusive content not taught anywhere else. All recordings are yours to keep forever.

Tutorials for self-study (value €200): 8 x edited tutorials, showing the key techniques & combos learned in class. Use the tutorials to practice what you’ve learned throughout the week, & to further your own self-practice. You’ll also receive a bonus tutorial series on Jazzy’s favourite exercises & techniques to accelerate your progress. All tutorials are yours to keep forever.

Jazzy’s weekly feedback on your video submissions (value €160): Personalised feedback on your videos every week by private video & voice message. You will be able to share your videos privately with Jazzy, showing you practising what you’ve learned, and you’ll receive personalised feedback to help you improve. Feeling stuck on a particular element, or unsure about something? Throughout the month Jazzy will be available to answer all your questions & provide guidance, whenever you need it.

Personal style report (value €90): At the end of the 4-week Mentorship, you’ll receive a detailed report from Jazzy, providing invaluable feedback on your technique, your development, your unique style and strengths. This in depth report will accelerate your progress by helping you focus your efforts, improving your exotic dance into the future.

Q&A session with Jazzy: 1 x Zoom Q&A (45 min) where Jazzy will answer questions you have about all things Exotic, from technique to instructing, to music. Ask anything!

Messaging support: A private Telegram messaging group with Jazzy and the other dancers on your Mentorship program, so you can connect & stay accountable & motivated during your mentorship program.

A certificate of completion

Lifetime access to all content: All zoom recordings and tutorials (8 total) are yours to download and keep forever!

24/7 customer support: You’ll also receive complete customer support from our team here at Indi Pole, should you have any questions or need anything at all during the program. We are here to help!

TOTAL VALUE: €600 (but…scroll down for your exclusive offer!)

**Please note you will need access to a pole to take part.


Your mentorship program will be held over 5 weeks.

Here’s the schedule for the live Zoom workshops (there will be 1 per week):

  • Dates: Saturday 9th January / Saturday 16th January / Saturday 30th January / Saturday 6th February
  • Time: On the above dates, at 3 pm CET (Europe) / 9 am EST (New York) / 6 am PST (Los Angeles)
  • Please note there is one revision/catch up week (23rd to 29th January) where there will be no live class (this week is for consolidation and catch up)

The Zoom workshops are the only live component. If you can’t attend live, the zoom workshops are all recorded for you to keep. All other content can be delivered electronically so you can learn at your own pace. All workshops and tutorials are yours to keep forever.

**Please note you will need a pole to take part.

**This Mentorship is for dancers who have successfully completed our From The Heels Up Level 1 program.

Your investment


This investment may be tax deductible if you’re a pole instructor.

I would love to take part in this mentorship, what next?

Please note payment plans are available. Please email us if you wish to use this option.