Online Mentorship

Receive a 6-week Online Mentorship and personalised feedback from Pole Dance Instructor Lorna Shadow. 

Class commences September 4th 2022

To improve your flexibility, secure one of just 25 places in Heavenly Hips & Splits with Lorna for just €299

Level up your legwork by mastering the art of the split!

It’s no secret that flexibility is a key ingredient in pole dancing; which is why working on your range of motion is essential if you want your choreography to look and feel seamless!

In this 6-week Mentorship with Pole Dance Instructor and Chiropractor Lorna Shadow (@lorna.shadow), you’ll be guided through a structured program to improve your Middle Split, Front Split, and Straddle (pancake) Split.

Lorna will personally mentor you throughout the program. She’ll provide private feedback, check-ins, and motivate you to excel! 

Through weekly interactive Zoom classes, you’ll learn safe and effective practices to improve your splits and hip mobility. You’ll leave the program understanding the importance of hip mobility and leg flexibility in back bending tricks.

If you’re ready to dramatically improve your flexibility skills so you can perform flexy poses and pole tricks effortlessly, this program is for you! 

What will I learn?

Front Splits

Having a flat and strong split will help you achieve beautiful moves on and off the pole.  In this program, you’ll learn techniques to achieve squarer splits, open up your hip flexors/quads, release your glutes and get those pesky hamstrings to stretch! And if you’re already flat there is plenty to do to unlock your oversplits too. 

Middle Splits

The middle split is the most elusive and sought-after split of them all, and it’s usually the most challenging to achieve. Throughout the mentorship, you will learn exercises to open up through your hip joints, build strength in your end range and help you get closer to the ground or flat in your Middle Split!

Straddle Splits

The straddle split (also known as pancake split) is by far the most common split in pole dance. Together we will work on leg and hip range of motion to help you get closer to flat. You will improve your lines and look while in a straddle (pancake) split. This flexibility will translate into more beautiful moves (such as the glorious spatchcock) and inversions.

Unlock your flexibility and range of motion with Lorna! 

Join Heavenly Hips & Splits now for just €299

In order for Lorna to give all dancers enough time and attention, this 6 week program is strictly limited to 25 students. Enrol now to avoid missing out!

What is a Online Mentorship?

Our online Mentorships are progressive programs developed with the world’s best instructors, designed to fast-track your progress. “Heavenly Hips & Splits” – a Mentorship to encourage you to reach your full splits potential with Lorna  Shadow. Relish in Lorna’s years of learning and teaching experience, which she has distilled into a soulful and progressive journey. Over the 6 week program, Lorna will guide you to develop your splits technique and tap into your own flexibility journey. 

What’s included in the Mentorship?


In-depth workshops: 6 x 75min interactive Zoom workshops (1 per week). You’ll also receive the recording directly after class, yours to keep forever! This workshop series is progressive and covers exclusive content not taught anywhere else. Value: €240


Video tutorials for self-study: 8 edited video tutorials, showing the key techniques learned in class and some new drills you can do on your own. Use the tutorials to practice what you’ve learned throughout the week and to further your own self-practice. All tutorials are yours to keep forever! Value: €200


Lorna’s weekly feedback on your video submissions: Each week you will share your videos privately with Lorna, showing you practising what you’ve learned. Lorna will review your videos and give you personalised feedback to help you improve. This feedback will be delivered privately through a recorded video. Value: €120


Q&A session with Lorna: 1 x 45 min private Zoom Q&A where Lorna will answer any questions you have about flexibility, mobility, and how to structure your own flexibility practice to keep progressing after the Mentorship.  Value: €60


Messaging support: A private Telegram messaging group with Lorna and the other dancers on your Mentorship program, so you can connect, stay accountable and motivated during your mentorship program. 

Total Value of the Program: € 620

Enrol today for just € 299

This Mentorship is strictly limited to 25 places.

When is the Mentorship?

The Mentorship starts on September 4, and runs for 6 weeks.

Dates: Sunday 4th September / Sunday 11th September / Sunday 18th September / Sunday 25th September / Sunday 2nd October / Sunday 9th October

On 4, 11, 18 & 25 September at 6 PM AEST (Sydney) /10 AM CEST  (Europe)/ 9 AM BST (London)

On 2 & 9 October at 6 PM AEDT (Sydney) /9 AM CEST  (Europe)/ 8 AM BST (London)

What if I can’t attend live?

Don’t worry, everything is recorded, and all content is yours to keep forever! As long as you submit your weekly homework on time you’ll gain loads from this program and Lorna’s feedback. 

Am I flexible enough to join this Mentorship?

There is no flexibility level required to join this Mentorship. This Mentorship program will help you develop your flexibility and mobility; setting up healthy practices to reach your goals quickly and safely, no matter your starting point.

What equipment do I need to participate in the program?

To get the most out of this comprehensive program we recommend having a laptop or tablet with a strong wifi connection to participate in the weekly Zoom classes, as well as access to Telegram to communicate with your instructor and with the rest of the group. 

You will also need: a yoga mat, yoga blocks (at least 2), a chair, a foam roller, sliders (can use knee pads as sliders, or paper plates or Tupperware lids) at least one resistance band, and weights.


How long will I have access to the program materials?

You’ll receive lifetime access to all content! All the workshop recordings and tutorials (12 in total) are yours to download and keep forever, so you can revisit the lessons at any time.

Will I receive a Certificate?

Yes! Have your commitment to learning and professional development recognised through a certificate of completion.

Who can I contact if I have technical issues or questions?

You’ll receive complete customer support from our team here at Indi Pole, should you have any questions or technical issues during the program. We are here to help!

Do I get to work with Lorna directly during the program?

Yes! Our small group structure means you get feedback from Lorna in class. You also get feedback from Lorna on your practices every week, when you send her your content. This will help you make progress, FAST!

About Lorna

Lorna Shadow is an elite international pole competitor, instructor and chiropractor specializing in treating pole dancers and aerialists. 

Through her training, teaching and treating, Lorna sees a lot of flexibility related issues ranging from a lack of progress all the way up to serious stretching related injuries.

This experience, along with her extensive education, has allowed Lorna to curate a flexibility program that includes the best and most effective stretches to both enhance your active and passive flexibility whilst reducing the risk of injuries! 

Join Lorna for 6 weeks of stretching, strengthening and education all centred around gaining as much hip flexibility as your body will safely allow. Injury free floor and aerial splits here we come!

What other dancers are saying:

Secure one of just 25 places in Heavenly Hips & Splits with Lorna Shadow for just €299

Please note: In order for Lorna to give all dancers enough time and attention, this 6-week program is strictly limited to 25 students. Enrol now to avoid missing out!