Starts Oct 3, 2021


A 6-Week Mentorship to improve your back & shoulder flexibility

Is back and shoulder flexibility something you struggle with?

In “Mission Bendy Back”, a Back & Shoulder Flexibility Mentorship with Ruby Lai, we are giving 20 dancers the exclusive chance to work with Ruby over 6 weeks. Ruby will guide and support you through a structured program of specialised content to improve your back and shoulder flexibility. Ruby’s back and shoulder flexibility workshops were so loved we decided to bring you a complete 6 week program! You’ll be amazed at the progress you will make in just 6 weeks!

Is this the right Mentorship for me?

This Mentorship is for you if:

  • You’re committed to improving your backbends and want to have healthy, strong, flexible shoulders
  • You feel a bit lost or unmotivated when you train flexibility on your own
  • You like a structured, progressive program with live workshops, self-study/practice, peer support
  • You want personal feedback from your coach Ruby so you can improve faster
  • You like to train with others to keep you motivated and accountable
  • You want to learn safe & effective flexibility exercises you can build into your own training

This program is suited for beginner to advanced flexibility! There are no flexibility requirements for this mentorship program. It’s suited to all levels, as Ruby will tailor the content and her support to meet your needs. You don’t need a pole for this Mentorship.

Join Mission Bendy Back & kick start your back & shoulder flexibility!

€299 for your 6 week program


What will I learn?

Over the 6 weeks, you’ll connect, align and create more movement with your entire back and shoulders.

Each week you’ll be guided through a back and shoulder focused warm-up and flexibility session, combining a variety of primarily active exercises and mobility techniques specifically aimed at working through many common limitations. Each week you’ll take progress pictures to track your progress.

Over the 6 week mentorship we’ll overcome mental, physical and emotional stresses to get you started, enhance or advance your mobility, wherever you’re at now. You will focus not on flexibility, but also strength at your end range. What does this mean for you? Safer movements, and preventing injuries in your back & shoulders that are so common with pole!

Along our journey we’ll be working toward a variety of peak poses including:

  • Cobra
  • Bridge/wheel
  • One-legged king pigeon
  • Foot to head
  • Introduction to chest stands

What's included in this Mentorship?

During the 6-week mentorship, you’ll enjoy:

Live zoom interactive workshops

6 x 90min interactive Zoom workshops with Ruby (1 per week, max 20 dancers) including personal guidance and feedback throughout the workshop. You’ll also receive the recording directly after class. This workshop series is progressive & covers exclusive content not taught anywhere else. All recordings are yours to keep forever.

Ruby’s personal support

Think of Ruby as your personal coach during your Mentorship. You’ll have private messaging access to Ruby 24/7 during the Mentorship. Throughout the month Ruby will be available to answer all your questions & provide guidance, whenever you need it, tailored to your unique body & flexibility journey. You can also check in with Ruby, when you just need a pep talk, or if something doesn’t feel right!

Tutorials for self-study

Weekly edited tutorials, showing the key techniques & combos learned in class. Use this to practice what you’ve learned throughout the week, & to further your own self-practice. You’ll also receive an additional tutorial series on the targeted exercises to accelerate your progress. All tutorials are yours to keep forever.

Q&A session with Ruby

1 x Zoom Q&A (45 min) where Ruby will answer questions you have about all things flexibility, pole, teaching and more. Ask anything!

Lifetime access to all content

All the material (more than 12 hours worth) is yours to download and keep forever!

A certificate of completion as a reminder of your achievement.

Personalised weekly feedback

Personalised feedback on your videos every week. You will be able to share your videos privately with Ruby, showing you practising what you’ve learned, and you’ll receive personalised feedback to help you improve. Feeling stuck on a particular element, or unsure about something?

Messaging support

A private Telegram messaging group with Ruby and the other dancers on your Mentorship program, so you can connect & stay accountable & motivated during your mentorship program.

24/7 customer support

You’ll also receive complete customer support from our team here at Indi Pole, should you have any questions or need anything at all during the program. We are here to help!

Join Mission Bendy Back & kick start your back & shoulder flexibility!

€299 for your 6 week program


Your mentorship program will be held over 6 weeks.

Here’s the schedule for the live 90 min Zoom workshops (there will be 1 per week):

  • Dates: Sunday 3rd Oct / Sunday 10th Oct / Sunday 17th Oct / Sunday 24th Oct / Sunday 31st Oct /Sunday 7th Nov
  • Time on Week 1 -4: 12pm Berlin CEST / 11 am London BST / 6pm Perth AWST / 9 pm Sydney AEDT / 6 am NY EDT
    Time on 31st Oct: 11 pm Berlin CET / 10 am London GMT / 6pm Perth AWST / 9 pm Sydney AEDT / 6am NY EDT
    Time on 7th Nov: 11 pm Berlin CET / 10 am London BST / 6pm Perth AWST / 9 pm Sydney AEDT / 5 am NY EST

If you can’t attend the zoom workshop live, don’t worry. The zoom workshops are all recorded & available directly after class for you to keep.

The Zoom workshops are the only live component. All other content can be delivered electronically so you can learn at your own pace.


Ruby is one of our most loved instructors, and dancers rave about the progress they make in her splits workshops.

Ruby Lai (@polekadotruby) is a full-time pole and flexibility instructor, professional pole artist and passionate teacher. Ruby is famous at Bobbi’s for flexibility and sensual, flowing pole style. She has multiple titles under her belt including Miss Pole Dance (including MPD WA 2021) and Dance Filthy titles under her belt & performs regularly in fringe & cabaret shows.

Ruby has a wealth of experience as a flexibility coach, professional pole instructor and competitive pole dancer, and her passion is to support and mentor her students to become their bendiest, strongest selves.

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Hey, I'm Indi, creator of Indi Pole Dance!

Founded in 2014, Indi Pole is a community for pole dancers all around the world. We started off making pole wear, but our passion has always been community. In 2016 we transitioned to experience-based offerings, namely our super-popular Retreats with the world's best instructors in Bali & Berlin. When COVID threw us a curveball & meant we had to postpone most of our Retreats, we knew we wanted to create something new & special to keep our community learning online, so we created our online Mentorships programs & Masterclasses.

Our progressive, interactive online programs have completely changed the way we learn pole online & almost always sell out, because of the combination of world-class instructors & the amazing progress our students make. These programs are also the perfect way to connect online with other dancers. I hope you'll join us for one of our amazing Mentorship journeys!

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