Join one of our online Mentorship programs and fast-track your progress. You’ll learn with a combination of zoom workshops, tutorials and self-study, and weekly feedback from your coach will help you improve your skills in record time.


Online Mentorship with Marion Crampe

Discover, improve, embody & rise. Create your own symphony of flight. Join Marion for a once-in-a-lifetime journey, reconnecting with & exploring the foundations of pole movement, in Marion’s own unique way. Through Marion’s approach, you will evolve as a pole dancer, mover, & human. Using both static & spin pole in a creative & exploratory way, you will tap into methods to use pole movement to discover your inner state, & to explore the many possibilities pole has to offer as a vehicle for expressing your unique story.

Mentorship starts: June 2021


Level 2 Mentorship in Old School Exotic style

Do you love the Old School Style & feel you’re ready to level up your skills? If you’ve completed Level 1 of our Sins & Stilettos Mentorship, or have some experience in old school (plus solid heel technique), we would love you to join our exclusive mentorship with goddess Estefania Jimenez! Work with Estefania in our progressive Mentorship program & we think you’ll see more progress in 4 weeks than you’ve seen in 4 months training on your own! In this progressive, carefully designed program, you will work with an absolute Queen of Old School Style to completely level up your skills & express your own style.

Mentorship starts: May 2021


A 6-Week Mentorship in Splits Flexibility

Would you like to achieve beautiful splits but you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you find it hard to stay committed & accountable in your flexibility training? Well, this is the program for you! In “Project Splits”, professional flexibility & pole instructor Ruby Lai (Australia) will guide and support you through a 6-week structured online program, to improve your Middle Splits, Front Splits and Straddle (pancake) splits. If you already have one or more of these splits flat, you will work on mastering the oversplit!

Next Mentorship: May 2021


Level 1: Heels-based Pole Dance Foundations

We know it’s not easy to develop a graceful, sensual exotic style. To become a beautiful dancer you need to develop strong technique – from the heels up. In this 4-week Foundations mentorship with Jazzy K, you will develop strong heelwork, graceful lines and begin to understand and develop your unique Exotic style.

Next Mentorship: June 2021