Join one of our online Mentorship programs and fast-track your progress. You’ll learn with a combination of zoom workshops, tutorials and self-study, and weekly feedback from your coach will help you improve your skills in record time.


Online Mentorship with Doris Arnold.

Do you love the mesmerising sexiness of Doris Arnold’s stripper style pole? Do you want to connect deeper with your own sensuality & let your own sex appeal shine through when you dance? In creating “The Art of Sexy” – a 4-week Mentorship, infamous Doris Arnold has, for the first time ever, distilled her knowledge, philosophy and technique into a progressive 4 week program, to bring you her essential and advanced techniques & help you express your own unique sensual style.

Mentorship starts: November 2021


Mentorship in Oldschool Style

Do you love the Old School Style? Would you love to mesmerise with your own seamless flow, hypnotizing leg waves & beautiful heel work? In “Sins and Stilettos” a 4-week Mentorship with heavenly old school dancer Estefania Jimenez (@estefjimpa), you will dive deep into the foundational techniques and movement characteristic of the Old School style. Estefania has spent many years crafting a truly mesmerising style, focused on fluidity, sensuality and subtle strength. In this Mentorship you’ll learn all her slinky old ways…

Mentorship starts: October 2021

mission bendy back 

A 6-Week Mentorship in Back & Shoulder Flexibility

Is back and shoulder flexibility something you struggle with? In “Mission Bendy Back”, a Back and Shoulder Flexibility Mentorship with Ruby Lai, you’ll work with master trainer Ruby over 6 weeks. Week by week, Ruby will guide and support you through a structured program of specialised exercises to improve your back and shoulder flexibility. She’ll help you track your progress & provide personalised feedback each week. You’ll be amazed at the progress you will make in just 6 weeks!

Mentorship starts: October 2021

from the heels up

Level 2: Intermediate+ Flow Techniques

In this Mentorship you will dive some of the intermediate techniques characteristic of Jazzy’s favourite style, Heels Flow. Building on the skills you learned in Level 1, you will learn more challenging flow style combinations and full-body movements. In this 4-week Foundations mentorship with Jazzy K, you will build on what you’ve learned, strengthening heelwork, adding dynamic & weightless work & develop your unique style.

Mentorship starts: November 2021