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FREE Pole & Life Goal Planner?

  • Beautiful worksheets to make reflection & planning enjoyable.

  • Guided prompts to help you reflect. 

  • Step-by-step guide to setting actions to help you meet your goals.

FREE Pole Training Planner

  • Never have aimless training again! Avoid that “I’m here, now what?” feeling by planning your training. 

  • Beautiful printable training planner to help you set goals & create the behaviours that will help you achieve them.

Are you new to heels?

Then you will love our FREE Beginner Heels Combos tutorials! ⁠
  • Step-by-step tutorials so you can gain confidence pole dancing in heels

  • Foundational combinations include moves like walking, waves, pirouettes, turns, squats, dips & more,

  • Perfect for heels beginners or those who want to refresh the basics

  • Experienced heels instructor Indi to guide you through!

Warm Up Flow Tutorial

Stuck for ideas for a full body warm up to do before your pole session?

Tati’s free follow along warm up is just what you are looking for!

Wrist Strengthening Tutorial

We want to protect our wrists so we can keep pole dancing forever!

Here are 10 exercises from Tati Blue to help strengthen your wrists for pole dancing.

Flexibility Tips For Pole Dancers  To Help You Get Your Splits

Having a flat front split is a key goal for most pole dancers, for good reason – splits look beautiful, on & off the pole!

Here we share some of our best tips for working toward a flat front split on the floor. We will deal with centre/straddle splits in another tutorial. Read more…

A Guide To Setting Up A Pole At Home

Have you been thinking about taking the next step and buying a pole for home?

In this ultimate guide on home poling, we cover everything from how to make your home environment pole friendly, how to set up your pole room & how to set up/install your pole in a secure & safe way.

Heels 101 With Jazzy K

Find out all about the ins, outs, ups & downs of different shapes of heels! As one of the pole community’s leading heels instructors, Jazzy K will dive into the shoe anatomy, heel height, what to look for in a pair of heels to create beautiful lines, & help you select the right shoe for the pole occasion!

How To Walk In Heels

If you are new to heels, this mini tutorial with Tati Blue will help you master the essentials – how to walk confidently and safely in heels!

How To Walk In Heels Without The Pole

Did you love Tati’s “how to walk in heels” tutorial? Now you want to master the art of walking in heels with the pole?

In this mini tutorial Jazzy K will show you how to walk in heels without having to hold on to the pole for support.

Tips For Reducing Muscle Soreness After Pole

We love pole.

Some of us would pole all day every day if we could! But what do we do when we have pushed ourselves to the point that muscle soreness is holding us back?

Here we share some tips from some of our followers. Read more…

Elbow Tendinopathy – What Is It & How To Prevent It

Phoebe Armfield, poler & physiotherapist, shares with us why elbow tendinopathy is common for pole dancers, how it can be prevented & what you can do if you are currently suffering from elbow pain.