Online Pole, Movement & Self-Care Retreat

Register your interest for our first-ever Online Pole, Movement & Self-Care Retreat!

APRIL 23-27, 2020

Since we can’t dance together in person, let’s join each other online for a celebration of dance, movement, passion and community!

You’ll be able to join live workshops on pole, dance, freestyle, floorwork, handstands, splits, flexibility, chair, and more, from your own home.

Workshops will all be streamed live, and stored online for you to view later if you can’t make it live. Workshops will be set at various times over the 5 days to try to give everyone globally times that work for them.

Each workshop will be pay what you choose, so everyone can join! All instructors are paid. Your donations will provide extra tips for your instructors & your host (us).

This is a very difficult time for our community’s independent artists, instructors & business women so every donation is appreciated!

Sign up now for all the details about the Online Pole, Movement & Self-Care Retreat coming soon!

***Please note all schedule times are shown in your local time!***


Kitty Velour @kitty_velour

Kitty Velour is a pole princess, and erotic showgirl from England with a love for all things filthy and frisky. Kitty loves stripper style movement and empowering women to dance with confidence and sass.

Kitty’s workshop: Frisky Flows (off pole). A mix of floorwork flow and sensual stretching with a heavy dose of friskiness. Meditative movement that helps you connect to your sensuality and de-stress. Silky waves, Suitable for all levels. All you need is a floor space (a mat is optional)

Estefania Jimenez @estefjimpa

Estefania is a pole artist based in Mexico. Rock, blues and southern rock are the principal ingredients of her old school style. She is a legwork connoisseur and floorwork addict.

Estefania’s workshop – Rock the Chair (off pole). Join in for a chair dance choreography with an emphasis on fluid transitions, awareness of the legs and flowing head/hair movements to the rhythm of an energetic rock song.

Claudia Renee @itsclaudiarenee

Claudia is a Los Angeles based pole dancer with over a decade of experience teaching, performing, competing, and personal coaching. She has been the head instructor at BeSpun in Hollywood for over 6 years and teaches her workshops internationally. She’s known for her exotic choreography, strong musicality in her performances and unique teaching style.

Claudia’s workshop – Work the Base (on-pole): Learn one of Claudia’s signature exotic routines around the base of the pole full of flowy transitions, dynamic movement, and strong musicality. This is appropriate for High Beginner-Advanced Pole Dancers. Must have an understanding of different grips (split, bracket, strong hold) and have a solid pole assisted pirouette. Heels and knee pads encouraged, pants or shorts acceptable.

Tati Blue @tati_blue_

Formerly a gymnast, now a pole dance artist, she focuses on handstand techniques and her favorite subject: freestyling. She loves to dance, perform and always finds it impressive what the human body can do. For this reason, she wants to share her skills and energy with you and support other people as an instructor and ensure that you feel good in your body and leave class with fun and energy.

Tati’s workshop 1: Handstands. In this workshop, I‘ll show you how to learn the handstand technically correct. Step by step, you get exercises on the hand with which you build the elemental muscles, trust yourself and feel safe overhead.

Tati’s workshop 2: Freestyle Exploration (off pole). In freestyle you are vulnerable. It‘s just your body, your mind and the music. It‘s not about perfect dance moves, it‘s about your inner feeling and it‘s a great way to break away from the outside, release stress and restrictions, and develop a personal style. Together we will immerse ourselves in freestyle with guided techniques and exercises. This workshop does not require a pole or heels.

Laura Lou Hypnotic @lauralou.hypnotic

Laura is known for her fluid Hypnotic style. Laura started pole dance in 2011 and started teaching in 2013. She now has her own studio – the Pole Academy, and is an ambassador for Paradise Chick, Lucky Layne and Sparkle Heels.

Laura’s workshop. Mesmerising Feels – Floor edition (off pole). Release your inner Goddess and learn how to create beautiful lines with your legs and make floorwork look hypnotizing. This workshop is all about how stunning you can be. We will combine everything in a mesmerizing choreography where we connect our body and our soul and lose ourselves in dance. You can also dance the choreography without shoes if you prefer.

Evil Meow @evil__meow

Evil Meow is a passionate dancer, winner of many championships, dancer of various dance styles, participant in a television project DANCES TNT 5 season (Russia). She has her own unique style thanks to vast experience in various modern dance styles.

Evil’s workshop: Unique Exotic (on pole). Learn Exotic pole combos for all levels, in my unique style incorporating various modern dance styles. Try this workshop for something a bit different! You can also dance the choreography without shoes if you prefer.

Mimi Midnight @mimimidnightx

Mimi started pole dancing in 2014 after googling adult dance classes and quickly became hooked. She couldn’t invert until 1 year into her journey and was an awkward mover that was scared of dancing for many years. She had a breakthrough after her first competition in 2017. Since then, she’s competed internationally at 7 different competitions, most recently, PSO After Dark. She enjoys the exotic side of pole and often favors quality of movement over impressive tricks. She is passionate not just about dancing but also about teaching and bringing her knowledge to inspire people everywhere.

Mimi’s workshop – Midnight Floorwork (off pole): This floor based workshop is created to help you feel light and flowy while grounded. You will learn a floor work sequence that combines sensual elements of fluidity with hard accents. Be ready to use technique and work on angles to create those perfect lines. This workshop can be done with socks or heels. Bring knee pads or leggings! You can also dance the choreography without shoes if you prefer.

Jazzy K @jazzykpole

Jazzy K is a pole artist from Switzerland that made her dream come true and travels the world to share her love for exotic pole. Her specialty are her precise teaching and her musicality in creating choreographies. She also has a lot of experience with competitions as both judge and competitor that she gained over the years.

Jazzy’s Workshop – Bad Ass Exotic (on pole). In this workshop you will learn a sassy choreography in Jazzy’s signature style. You will learn creative transitions while feeling like a Queen. The level will be Intermediate and experience in exotic is recommended. The use of heels and kneepads is suggested. You can also dance the choreography without shoes if you prefer.

Jazzy’s Webinar – It’s Showtime! (off pole): You might have been on stage before and have even competed, maybe you would love to be on stage sometime but just did not find the courage. Or you would like to compete but don’t know how to start! In this webinar Jazzy will explain to you how she starts planning her pieces, what you should consider in choices of theme and music and how you can find your perfect competition. You will also have time to ask your questions that you might have.

Ruby Lai @polekadotruby

Ruby Lai is famous at Bobbi’s for her sensual, strong flowy style – she is a slinky goddess on and off the pole. Her exotic and floorwork prowess is only matched by her dynamic pole tricks that leave you begging to watch more. With APC, MPDWA, MPDD and Dance Filthy titles under her belt, Ruby will teach you to love the floor, own the pole and unleash your inner pole siren all at once.

Ruby’s Workshop 1: Smack Backs to the Max. Want hips that don’t lie? Want smack backs that go BANG?! Want to nail all those pesky middle split moves up the pole? This workshop is for you! Learn how to improve your centre split flexibility with my killer joint stretches and combinations of passive & active stretching with options for all levels, tips and tricks to help no matter where you are in your flexibility journey. All you will need is yoga mat/towel. Yoga blocks, heels, ankle weights and power/resistance band are all optionals for more advanced options. 

Ruby’s Workshop 2: Bendy Backs and Happy Shoulders. Learn a variety of Ruby’s killer passive and active stretches to connect, engage and freely move through your body’s capabilities and understand your limitations. Suited for all levels this workshop will have you feeling more open, awake and alive.

Suzie Q @emmaspractice

Suzie is trained in Rocket, Purna and Yin Yoga as well as Yoga Nidra. She is a facilitator with Mindfulness Works Australia and has been a guest teacher at the Byron Yoga Festival, the Utsava Maa Goddess Festival in India, Shakti Camp in Europe and with Shakti Academy’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Suzie’s workshop – Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation: We have been granted a pause in our lives right now. This time represents an incredible opportunity to turn inwards, to become more present in our lives and with ourselves. Life feels very uncertain right now – and a daily meditation practice can help us live in this uncertainty without letting it turn into fear. In this two hour session we will talk about what meditation is (and isn’t!), how to incorporate more mindfulness into our everyday lives and do a few simple meditation practices together. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any issues you might be experiencing such as “my mind is too busy to meditate”. 

Yvonne Smink @yvonnesmink

Yvonne was introduced to pole dance in 2011 and not a single day has since gone by without her training (or thinking about training) on the pole! Originating from the wall climbing scene, she immediately fell in love with the physical challenge pole dancing gives her. Her unique style shows influences from Chinese pole and contemporary dance among others. Every performance is detailed and filled power moves that take the audiences’ breath away. Yvonne is a multiple Dutch Pole Champion and was a finalist on the Dutch TV Show ‘Everybody Dance Now’.

Yvonne’s Workshop – Movement Exploration (pole): Want to try something new? Experiment with your movement? Join me for a fun session of movement exploration and freestyle prompts with the pole! In this class we will be exploring different (dance) concepts with the pole! Suitable for all levels.

Alessia Henoch @alessia_henoch

Born and raised in Germany Alessia is a pole instructor, studio owner, yoga teacher, accredited strength coach, mobility coach, and neuro-athletic coach and much more! Through her studies in Psychology, Alessia brings together various physical, psychological and health disciplines to help people improve their knowledge and skills & to live happier, healthier and more in balance.

Alessia’s workshop – Women’s Health – dealing with Stress and Hormones! Let’s talk about Women’s Health! How does our hormonal system work? Did you know that fear and stress can unbalance your hormonal and immune system? The female body is unique and its complex hormonal system depends on many factors. In this workshop I’ll show you what happens in your body during times of stress, but even better, give you easy, enjoyable interventions to cope with stress better and stay healthy! No experience or equipment required, just curiosity!