Online Workshop Recordings

To access recordings of our Online Workshops:

  1. Go to our booking site and get credits for the workshops you’d like to get access to. You can also use any existing credits you have, or use remaining credits from the All Access Pass.
  2. Simply fill in the form below with your details and the workshops you’d like to access.
  3. Please make sure you have enough credits for the videos you tick in the list below.
  4. We’ll send you an email with the links to download your videos!

*Please remember if you have already attended or booked into a live workshop, you DO NOT need to fill in this form or purchase credits to access those workshops. The links to the videos will simply be emailed to you as soon as the videos are up!

Online Recording costs: USD$7 each, or USD$5 each if you purchase 5.


  1. Bad Ass Exotic Pole – “I Like Boys” – Jazzy K
  2. Exotic Witchcraft Pole “To the Sky” by Nomine – Jazzy K
  3. It’s Showtime Performance Process (no pole) – Jazzy K
  4. Frisky Flows (no pole) – Kitty Velour
  5. Mesmerising Feels Floor (no pole) – Laura Lou Hypnotic
  6. Hypnotic Exotic Pole “Need” by Kazukii – Laura Lou Hypnotic
  7. Hypnotic Exotic Pole “Contaminated” by Banks – Laura Lou Hypnotic
  8. Rock the Chair (no pole) – Estefania Jimenez
  9. Old School Sexy Floor – Estefania Jimenez
  10. Old School Sexy Pole – Estefania Jimenez
  11. Evil Exotic (pole) – Evil Meow
  12. Freestyle (no pole) – Tati Blue
  13. Handstand Foundations (no pole) – Tati Blue
  14. Work the Base (pole) – Claudia Renee
  15. Dynamic Exotic (pole) – Claudia Renee
  16. Women’s Health (no pole) – Alessia Henoch
  17. Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation (no pole) – Suzie Q
  18. Smack Backs to the Max (no pole) – Ruby
  19. Bendy Backs and Happy Shoulders (no pole) – Ruby
  20. Bendy Backs & Happy Shoulders 10/5 – Ruby
  21. Bendy Backs & Happy Shoulders 17/5 – Ruby
  22. Strong and Sexy Front Splits – Ruby
  23. Magic Middle Splits – Ruby
  24. Midnight Floorwork (no pole) – Mimi Midnight
  25. Midnight Magic Pole – Choreo (Wk 1) – Mimi Midnight
  26. Midnight Magic Pole – Movement (Wk 2) – Mimi Midnight
  27. Midnight Magic Pole – Magic (Wk 3) – Mimi Midnight
  28. Ho-Reography (pole) – Jordan Kensley
  29. Movement Exploration (pole) – Yvonne Smink
  30. High Heels Beginner Technique and Choreography (no pole) – Patryk Rozniecki
  31. Low Flow Pole – Beginner/Intermediate – Bendy Kate
  32. Low Flow Pole – Intermediate/Advanced – Bendy Kate