Are you a current or aspiring pole instructor?

  • Beautiful printable class creation planner & checklist – plan your classes with intention.

  • Step-by-step process to help you design the best class possible for your students.

  • Prompts to help you create your warm ups, conditioning, key skills & cool down.

  • Tips for creative cueing.

FREE Pole Training Planner

  • Never have aimless training again! Avoid that “I’m here, now what?” feeling by planning your training. 

  • Beautiful printable training planner to help you set goals & create the behaviours that will help you achieve them.

FREE Pole & Life Goal Planner?

  • Beautiful worksheets to make reflection & planning enjoyable.

  • Guided prompts to help you reflect. 

  • Step-by-step guide to setting actions to help you meet your goals.

Edgework Conditioning Tutorial

Are you a lover of edgework and complex heel work? In this tutorial Tati takes you through a range of conditioning techniques designed to help strengthen your feet, ankles and legs to safely play with some spicy edgework.