Kip Technique Clinic Masterclass


Oct 30 – 11AM CEST / 2AM PDT / 5am EDT / 8pm AEDT

2 hrs, pole required

On Zoom (recording available online for 14 days after the masterclass)

Want to fly without wings? Believe it or not, to be able to execute a dynamic kip, you don’t have to be a former gymnast! In this Masterclass, Jazzy will break down the technique of the kip, including the body movement it requires and the muscle engagement that gives the kip its power. You will learn different types of kips, from a basis of safe technique, and take them to the next level. This Masterclass is for dancers with at least 1 year of pole experience who have a basic level of strength. Kneepads (the thicker the better) and closed-toe boots are recommended. If you can’t attend live, the recording will be available to watch online for 14 days. If you attend live, you’ll also be able to view the recording. Pole required.

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