“PROJECT SPLITS” – A Splits Flexibility Mentorship with Ruby Lai



Project Splits! 

A 6-Week Splits Flexibility Mentorship with Ruby Lai

Would you like to achieve beautiful splits or oversplits, to achieve more beautiful tricks and flow, or just to feel more supple and flexible?

In “Project Splits”, a Flexibility Mentorship with Ruby Lai (@polekadotruby), we are giving an exclusive group of dancers the chance to work with Ruby over 6 weeks. Ruby will guide and support you through a structured program, to improve your Middle Splits, Front Splits and Straddle (pancake) splits.

Ruby will personally mentor you, providing feedback, checking in, and helping to motivate you & ultimately, to improve your splits!

Who is this mentorship for?

This program is suited for beginner to advanced flexibility!

This mentorship is for you if you want to get closer to or achieve improve your middle, straddle and front splits, or master your oversplits.

If your pole style is focused on tricks, this mentorship will help you unlock many of the most impressive and beautiful pole tricks. If you dance Exotic pole, having stronger and more extended splits will improve your flow and extension beyond belief!

If you value personalised feedback and expert guidance from one of Australia’s most loved pole and flexibility instructors, this mentorship is for you!

There are no flexibility requirements for this mentorship program. It’s suited to all levels of flexibility, as Ruby will tailor her support to meet your needs. You do not need a pole for this mentorship.

Your instructor

Ruby Lai (@polekadotruby) is a full-time pole and flexibility instructor, professional pole artist and passionate teacher. Ruby is famous at Bobbi’s for flexibility and sensual, flowing pole style. She has multiple titles under her belt including Miss Pole Dance and Dance Filthy titles under her belt. 

Ruby is one of our most loved Flexibility instructors. Everyone raves about Ruby’s Splits workshops, which is why we have worked together to bring you the exclusive chance to work with Ruby over 6 weeks to focus on helping you get your splits!

In this exclusive program, Ruby will provide you with personalised feedback and support each week & share all her splitty secrets!

What’s included in the mentorship?

During the 6-week mentorship, you’ll enjoy:

  • 6 x 90min interactive Zoom workshops with Ruby (1 per week, max 25 dancers) including personal guidance and feedback throughout the workshops.
  • The zoom recording of each workshop, to help you practice
  • 1 x edited tutorial to guide you through taking before and after photos!
  • Personalised feedback and support whenever you need it! You will be able to share your videos or photos privately with Ruby and receive personalised feedback to help you improve. You can also check in with Ruby, when you need a pep talk, motivation, or if you have a question about technique. Ruby will be there to support you throughout the 6 weeks.
  • A messaging group so you can connect with Ruby and the other dancers in your mentorship program. Share and connect as you learn and grow together.
  • At the end of the 6-week program, you’ll receive personalised written or video feedback from Ruby, on your technique, your development, strengths, to help you improve your splits into the future
  • A certificate of completion

You’ll also receive complete host support from our team here at Indi Pole, should you have any questions or need anything at all during the program. We are here to help!


What will I learn?

As Ruby says, your hips don’t lie! You will open up through your hips and lower body, become more mobile and stronger in your split end range and feel amazing! Imagine the progress you will make in 6 weeks.

Each week you’ll be guided through a full lower body session, combining a variety of passive and active exercises and mobility techniques specifically aimed at working through many common limitations. 

Front Splits 

Would you love to have Front Splits that look flat and feel amazing? Ruby has created this intensive and detailed program just for you, to help you achieve squarer splits, open up your hip flexors/quads, release your glutes and get those pesky hamstrings to stretch! And if you’re already flat there is plenty to do to unlock your oversplits too. Having a flat and strong split will help you achieve beautiful moves on the pole such as Jade split, Psycho split, Porsche/Sarah Jade split, Extended butterfly and Blenix to name a few!

Middle Splits

Do you lust after a flat Middle Split? This split is the most elusive and sought after split of all, and can be the most challenging to achieve. Throughout the mentorship we will open up through your hip joints, build strength in your end range and help you get closer to the ground or flat in your Middle Split. These improvements will translate to more impressive splits on the pole, such as the Box split, Iron X and Diamond split, as well as beautiful floorwork and handstands/shoulder stands.

Straddle Splits

The Straddle Split (also known as pancake split) is by far the most needed form of flexibility for pole dancers. Most of our tricks either need a straddle or are more aesthetically pleasing if you have the ability to fold yourself in half bending forwards! The list of pole skills that will benefit are endless. From beginners to advanced you will improve your lines and look while in straddle (pancake) splits. This flexibility will translate into more beautiful moves such as inversions, Jamilla V, Violator, Starfish, Plus sign, Allegra, Ayesha, Shoulder mount and finally the almighty Spatchcock! If you are dancing in the Exotic pole style, your flow and extension will be greatly improved through a stronger straddle.


Your mentorship program will be held over 6 weeks.

Here’s the schedule for the live 90 min Zoom workshops (there will be 1 per week):

  • Date: Starting Sunday 2nd August for 6 weeks
  • Time: 12 midday CEST / 8:00pm Sydney time

The Zoom workshops are the only live component. All other content can be delivered electronically so you can learn at your own pace.

If you can’t attend live, you can also complete the zoom workshops by “catch up” (we will send you the zoom recording within 3 hours of the live session).

Your investment

€225 / AUD$365/ USD$253

This mentorship is limited to 25 dancers.

This investment may be tax-deductible if you’re a pole or flexibility instructor.

I would love to take part in this mentorship, what next?



Training my flexibility with Ruby has been an absolute game-changer for me. I started out with extremely limited flexibility and was sceptical of how much I could get my body to do but I’m definitely a believer now! Ruby takes all of her students’ progress seriously and invests so much into each student. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

“Ruby is an amazing teacher! She inspires me to practice in my free time and have been very patient with me. She taught me a lot of helpful active and passive stretches and I realised that you can both be strong and flexible. She tailors her lessons depending on where you’re at in your flexibility journey, she gives options and her classes are never boring!”

“Ruby’s flexibility teaching style is so unique. She has such a clear and thorough understanding of the body and mind and has learnt so many incredible flexibility techniques over her years. She possesses the experience and knowledge on how to overcome individual physical and mental limitations and will always check-in and make you feel engaged and in tune with your body, empowered for learning how to activate muscles you never knew you had, but most importantly will make you feel genuinely cared for as she values every one of her students like her own children. I have also had the pleasure of doing Ruby’s online classes and her teaching style is replicated immaculately through a screen (even her corny and adorable jokes). I felt empowered and saw such incredible results from my own home and she gave me strength in a time where most of us felt weak. I highly recommend doing Ruby’s flexibility classes.”

“Ruby’s strategies in building her students flexibility makes sure to not only produce results but to also ensure the longevity of each person as a healthy dancer. These small changes in the way we treat our bodies have had the mass effect of a Ruby Army. I am proud to be a student of Ruby’s and I find no greater joy than reaching my goals with her!”

“When Ruby first began coaching me, I was very stiff and unable to even touch my toes. Being inactive as a child, I have always been out of touch with my body and was constantly worried about injuring myself. Ruby’s enthusiasm and dedication to me has not only helped me appreciate the capabilities of my body but also ignited my passion for fitness- something I thought I could never excel at. With her many years of expertise, I fully trust Ruby’s guidance, especially when coming to tackling new challenges. No two coaching sessions have ever been the same and I can tell that each session has been carefully planned out to help me reach my long term goals. Ruby has always believed in me, even when I haven’t believed in myself and been the biggest supporter of my progress and has helped me achieve flexibility goals I have only dreamt of.”