“Sins & Stilettos” – 4 Week Mentorship in Old School Exotic with Estefania Jimenez


Sins & Stilettos

4 Week Mentorship in Old School Exotic with Estefania Jimenez

Do you envy the sensual grace & fluidity of the Old School Exotic style? Would you love to mesmerise with your own seamless flow, hypnotizing leg waves & beautiful heel work?

In “Sins and Stilettos” a 4-week Mentorship with heavenly old school exotic dancer Estefania Jimenez (@estefjimpa), you will dive deep into both the foundational and advanced techniques and movement characteristic of the old school Exotic style. 

We have carefully crafted this program for you to improve your exotic style, FAST. You won’t believe the progress you will make in just 4 weeks. Train smarter with our carefully created Mentorship program.

Who is this mentorship for?

This mentorship is for dancers with some exotic experience. You should feel comfortable dancing around the pole in heels. Also suited to dancers who are starting to instruct in the Exotic pole style, who want to develop their dance technique further. There are no flexibility or “trick” requirements, just the desire to learn how to slink like a goddess!

This program is a global exclusive, for dancers who value exclusive access to Estefania for a full 4 weeks. If you value a tailored experience, personalised feedback and want to develop your Exotic style, fast, this is for you.

Your instructor

If you love old school Exotic, then you know Estefania Jimenez (@estefjimpa). Estefania has spent many years crafting a truly mesmerising style, focused on fluidity, sensuality and subtle strength. Watch Estefania dance & be swept up in her sensual, effortless flow. Estefania is passionate about helping her students become their best & develop their unique style. Her speciality is breaking down the flowing, complex movements of exotic into skills and techniques that anyone can learn, with a focus on heel technique & leg work.

During the Mentorship, you will have direct and exclusive access to Estefania, a queen of Exotic old school style and one of our community’s most loved instructors. Not only will you benefit from the years of training and development Estefania has devoted to crafting old school Exotic witchery, but you’ll be able to reach out to her for advice, questions and support whenever you need it, as well as receiving weekly feedback on your videos. Think of Estefania as your personal coach for the month, & let her guide you to develop your own luscious exotic style.

In this exclusive program, Estefania will mentor just 20 dancers. This allows her to provide you with her full attention during the month, including personalised feedback every week & to share all her secrets to help you create your own beautiful exotic style.

What will I learn?

Each week you’ll learn a combination of technique & choreo, so you can focus on learning & perfecting your skills, then applying them as you learn a gorgeous old school choreo created just for you. This program has been exclusively developed for you & is not offered anywhere else.

Week 1: Grounded – Old School Fundamentals

Want to hypnotize with exquisite heel work & jaw-dropping flow? The essence of the Old School Exotic style lies in first perfecting the beautiful basics. In Week 1 you’ll revisit and refresh some fundamental Exotic skills including walking with sensuality, pirouettes & turns, adding old school flavour. You’ll dive deep into leg & body wave technique & learn to use your whole body from the heels up to create that sensual old School flow.

Week 2: Hell in Heels – Advanced Lower Body Technique

Want to level up your leg work? Once you’ve perfected the basics, you’ll explore and practice advanced lower body work, including rarely taught heel techniques, old school style leg & body wave variations, slides, twirls & more. Learn the characteristic skills of the old school st You’ll also learn Estefania’s favourite active flexibility exercises that have helped her achieve some of the strongest leg work in the Exotic community. Many of the techniques & elements you’ll learn in Week 2 are unique to Estefania’s style, so you’re in for a delicious treat!

Week 3: Strip Club Blues – Advanced Upper Body Technique, Musicality & Intention

Are you mesmerised by Old School Exotic flow? This week we focus on how sensuality is expressed through accents, including hairography, head, hand & arm movements. You’ll dive into the details & learn how to add these accents to your own dance in an authentic way. This week you’ll also explore musicality, & how to combine technique with intention to create magic.

Week 4: Centre Stage – Developing your own Old School style

You’ve learned the techniques, now it’s time to explore your own movement & sensual exotic style. This week you’ll practice & consolidate everything you’ve learned so far, & begin to explore your own unique style within the old school exotic framework. This Week is your chance to refine & perfect, explore & play.

What’s included in the mentorship?

During the 4-week mentorship, you’ll enjoy:

In-depth workshops (value €200): 4 x 90min interactive Zoom workshops (1 per week), limited to 20 dancers so you receive personal guidance during class. You’ll also receive the recording directly after class. This workshop series is progressive & covers exclusive content not taught anywhere else. All recordings are yours to keep forever.

Tutorials for self-study (value €200): 8 x edited tutorials, showing the key techniques & combos learned in class. Use this to practice what you’ve learned throughout the week, & to further your own self-practice. You’ll submit your self-practice of these techniques to Estefania for feedback each week. You’ll also receive an additional tutorial series on the targeted drills & exercises developed by Estefania that will accelerate your progress. All tutorials are yours to keep forever.

Estefania’s Feedback on your video submissions (value €160): Personalised feedback on your videos every week by private video & voice message. You will be able to share your videos privately with Estefania, showing you practising what you’ve learned, and you’ll receive personalised feedback to help you improve. Feeling stuck on a particular element, or unsure about something? Throughout the month Estefania will be available to answer all your questions & provide guidance, whenever you need it.

Estefania’s personal support (value €160): Think of Estefania as your personal coach during your Mentorship. You’ll have private messaging access to Estefania 24/7 during the Mentorship. Estefania has cleared her calendar for the Mentorship period to enable her to check in with you each week to provide you with ongoing support, trips, tricks, answers to your questions & to keep you on track during your Mentorship.

Style report (value €90): At the end of the 4-week Mentorship, you’ll receive a personalised written report from Estefania, providing invaluable feedback on your technique, your development, your unique style and strengths. This in depth report will accelerate your progress by helping you focus your efforts, improving your exotic dance into the future.

Q&A session with Estefania: 1 x Zoom Q&A (45 min) where Estefania will answer questions you have about all things Exotic, from technique to instructing, to music. Ask anything!

Messaging support: A private Telegram messaging group with Estefania and the other dancers on your Mentorship program, so you can connect & stay accountable & motivated during your mentorship program.

A certificate of completion

Lifetime access to all content: All zoom recordings and tutorials (8 total) are yours to download and keep forever!

24/7 customer support: You’ll also receive complete customer support from our team here at Indi Pole, should you have any questions or need anything at all during the program. We are here to help!

TOTAL VALUE: €810 (but…scroll down for our limited earlybird offer!)

Join Estefania for a glorious month of dance, sensuality and slink. If you love the old school style, take this unique opportunity and become the Exotic dancer you want to be.

**Please note you will need a pole to take part.


Your mentorship program will be held over 4 weeks. You can attend live (recommended), or catch up. All content is recorded and will be available for you to download & keep.

Here’s the schedule for the live Zoom workshops (there will be 1 per week):

  • Dates: Sunday 18th October / Sunday 25th October / Sunday 8th November / Sunday 15th November.
  • Time: On the above dates, at 7:00pm Europe CEST / 1:00pm New York EDT / 10:00am Los Angeles PDT / 3:00am Sydney AEST
  • Please note there is one revision/catch up week (1st to 7th of November) where there will be no live class (this week is for consolidation, catch up and video submission)

The Zoom workshops are the only live component. If you can’t attend live, the zoom workshops are all recorded & available directly after class for you to keep. All recording and tutorials can be delivered electronically so you can learn at your own pace. All workshops and tutorials are yours to keep forever.

This Mentorship is a world first! Nowhere else will you find an immersive program focused on helping you achieve the graceful sensuality of the Old School style. Places will be strictly limited to 20 dancers and offered first to those who have expressed interest.

Your investment


This earlybird offer will only be available for a limited time, so grab your spot now before the offer expires in 14 days if not sold out before! Our Mentorships are known for selling out fast & just 20 spots are on offer.

This investment may be tax deductible if you’re a pole instructor.

Flexible payment plans can be arranged, so please reach out let us know if you require one!

I would love to take part in this mentorship, what next?



“I’ve found it so worthwhile! I can already see improvement in in my dancing.”

“I learned a lot of things I had never really thought about that now make perfect sense. This mentorship had a positive impact on my exotic style, not only do I feel safer doing certain moves, but I got inspiration and ideas on how to change something if it doesn‘t look the way I want it to look. I’m really looking forward to train more with all the things I learned during the mentorship!”

“This mentorship program completely changed the way I viewed exotic training. I had so much fun training skills that didn’t make sense before because I was simply completing a dance choreo. Would take this program again in a heartbeat.”