0M7A9523_editedWhat dancers are saying about our Retreats…

10 out of 10 dancers who attended our 2019 Retreats said they would be “extremely likely” to recommend our Retreats to their friends or other dancers!

9 out of 10 dancers who attended our 2019 Retreats rated their overall experience as a 9 or 10 (10 being “Amazing”)!

Every single dancer who attended our 2019 Retreats said they would consider attending another Retreat with us in future!!

“I loved everything! A simply perfect retreat with a combination of relaxation, hard work and INSPIRATION!”

“It was a very special experience for me – location, accommodation, food, instructors, host all meshed together to make it what it was. I honestly wouldn’t change anything.”

“I loved the good vibe in the group, villa and studio all the time. The instructors were both awesome! The retreat was very very well organized, loved every second! Accommodation was amazing, quiet, in a good location. I also liked the fact that we had a bit of spare time and dinners not included to get out a bit and explore Bali.”

“The perfect balance of intense training and intense relaxation!”

“I loved the tailored experience and how the retreat was so well thought out. The instructors were so helpful and beautiful the entire time. It was great to be able to have meals and spend time with them outside of the workshops. It helps build relationships and get the most out of the workshops also. I loved the content by the instructors and being able to bond and spend time with the women from pole community all over the world.”

“I really loved the whole vibe of the camp. We felt like Queens the whole time! It was a huge confidence booster, and I really love when females can appreciate and love their bodies. Being surrounded by like minded females was amazing, from all different parts of the world and women who are in all sorts of “normal jobs”, it was great to get to know people.”

“Oh my god, everything was completely amazing. I can’t wait to come back again and maybe bring some other friends with me. Thank you Indi.”

“Thank you for this amazing experience! I’ll never forget this trip, I’m generally a nervous traveller, but I felt so safe and relaxed on this retreat!”

“The amazing woman I met, the amazing food and locations and how peaceful and refreshed I felt afterwards and how much effort Indi went to making sure everything was perfect for us.”

“Where do I begin?! What a truly beautiful, heart opening, magical experience. Super empowering to meet such amazing women…from the ones attending the retreat, to Indi, the Chef, the masseuse, Sasha, Daria and Fiona our photographer. Everyone at the retreat was nurturing, inspiring and my emotional well has been beyond filled from this experience. Thank you for providing a safe space to unplug and be mindful.”

“The retreat was the perfect balance between challenging myself as a pole dancer and being able to completely relax and let go in a tropical paradise. The structure encouraged a social and communal atmosphere among the dancers and instructors. The food was some of the best I’ve eaten in Bali!”