Are you a current or aspiring heels pole dance instructor?


Are you a current or aspiring heels instructor?

Do you love heels-based pole dance styles such as flow, Russian style, old school style, stripper style? The popularity of heels-based styles has grown remarkably in recent years! Most studios now offer super popular heels-based classes & now with online classes there is a growing need for well-trained, high-quality heels pole dance instructors.

If you are a current heels-based pole dance instructor or would like to become an instructor, we see you. We know you want to improve your knowledge & skills, so you can provide the best instruction to your students & help them grow into becoming good dancers themselves, so they can fall in love with dance like you have.

We know there is a need for quality education for current or aspiring instructors of heels pole dance. To meet this need we created an industry first: "From The Heels Up" Level 1 - an Instructor Training Certification & Professional Development Program in heels pole dance.

This is an 8 week progressive & supported online program to help you become the best instructor you can be. Developed by Indi Pole in collaboration with Jazzy K, one of our pole community's leading heels instructors, our goal through this program is to produce the absolute best heels instructors in the world.

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A collaboration between Indi Pole & Jazzy K

Since we began working with Jazzy K on our Retreats in 2018, we recognized Jazzy's expertise in instructing, and her passion for constant improvement in her teaching methods, and in her dancing. We are excited to work with Jazzy as our Master Trainer to develop our industry's most comprehensive, progressive & supported heels pole dance instructor certification and professional development program. Jazzy & the Indi Pole Team are so excited to bring you this program, which will be taught by only the best heels instructors in Europe, Australia & the USA, as well as online.


Hey, I'm Indi, creator of Indi Pole Dance!

Founded in 2014, Indi Pole is a community for pole dancers all around the world. We started off making pole wear, but our passion has always been community.

In 2016 we transitioned to experience-based offerings, namely our super-popular Retreats with the world's best instructors in Bali & Berlin. In 2020 we began to deliver interactive online programs that have become known for their exceptionally high-quality content, progressive structure & world-class instructors.

Our passion is for helping dancers be the best they can be. We are very excited to begin delivering the highest quality education & teaching for aspiring & current pole dance instructors in 2021.

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