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Build strong foundations in heel technique & dance in 4 Weeks with Jazzy K

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Want to feel strong, graceful & sensual when you dance in your heels?

To become a beautiful dancer you need to develop strong technique – from the heels up. In “From the Heels Up”, a 4-week Foundational Mentorship in heels based pole dance with Jazzy K, you will develop strong heelwork, graceful lines and begin to understand and develop your unique dance style (please note we no longer use the term “exotic”).

In this exclusive program, Jazzy will mentor a small group of dancers, allowing Jazzy to provide you with personalised feedback each week & to share all her secrets to help you create your own beautiful style. We are confident you’ll make more progress in this 4 week program than you’ve made in the last 4 months training on your own!

June 5 - July 8, 2021

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Your Instructor

By now, you know Jazzy K (@jazzykpole) well, and you are familiar with her incredible teaching skills. Jazzy has a talent for clear, precise, step-by-step instructions, breaking down the most complex movements into understandable pieces. Jazzy gives you the techniques you need, and the inspiration and support to help you become your best.

Jazzy is one of the pole community's most experienced & passionate instructors. A self-confessed "technique nerd" Jazzy has become known for her effective teaching, helping students build strong technique from the ground up. With a wealth of knowledge in pole, fitness & anatomy, don't miss the chance to learn with Jazzy!

When is the Mentorship?

The online Mentorship will start on June 5, 2021 and finish on July 9, 2021. The live zoom workshops will be held at 11am CEST (7pm AEST / 2am PDT / 5am EDT) on Saturdays. The workshops will be recorded if you can't attend live.

Is the Mentorship for me?

This Mentorship is for dancers with basic experience in heels (e.g. you have taken some heels classes). Also suited to dancers who are starting to instruct, who want to develop their heels & dance technique further. There are no flexibility or “trick” requirements for this foundational Mentorship program. This is for dancers who value exclusive access to a world-leading instructor, Jazzy K, value personalised feedback and want to develop the best technique & flow

What is an online Mentorship?

Our online Mentorships are progressive programs developed with the world's best instructors, designed to fast-track your progress. "From The Heels Up" - a Mentorship in heels based pole dance with Jazzy K, takes Jazzy K years of learning & teaching experience, & distils this knowledge into a soulful & progressive journey. Over the 4 week program, Jazzy K will guide you to develop your heels based pole technique & tap into your creativity & inspiration. Here's what you'll get in the 4 Week "From The Heels Up" Mentorship program:


In-depth weekly Zoom workshops

Each week you will have a 90min interactive Zoom workshop. Jazzy K will guide you through all the key elements & techniques. You’ll also receive the recording directly after class so you can practice. Attend live or watch the recording when it suits you. All workshop recordings are downloadable & are yours to keep forever.


Weekly tutorials

You'll receive weekly tutorials, showing the key techniques & combos, to revise what you’ve learned. You'll also receive bonus content you can use to accelerate your own practice. All tutorials are downloadable & are yours to keep forever.


Weekly homework

Each week Jazzy K will set a task for you to complete during the week between workshops. This helps you stay on track & connected throughout the Mentorship, & encourage you to practice with intention, which will drastically accelerate your progress.


Weekly personal feedback

Each week you'll receive personalised feedback from Jazzy K on your videos by private message to help you improve. Feeling stuck on a particular element, or unsure about something? Throughout the month Jazzy K will be available to answer your questions & provide guidance when you need it.



You'll attend a live Zoom Q&A with Jazzy K. Jazzy K will answer your questions, about technique to instructing, performing, supporting women, her experience, to music. Ask anything!


Messaging support

You'll have a private Telegram messaging group with Jazzy K and the other dancers on your Mentorship program, so you can connect, share, stay accountable & keep motivated.


A certificate of completion

Celebrate & recognise your hard work upon completion of the program.


Lifetime access to all content

All zoom recordings and tutorials (over 10 hours of content) are yours to download and keep forever!


A fully hosted experience

To ensure you are supported & encouraged, we offer a fully hosted experience and support from our dedicated customer service team.

Join "From The Heels Up" with Jazzy K now for just €399.

What will I learn?

Wk 1 - Heel Technique

Would you like to learn how to use your shoe as a part of your dance, to create beautiful, seamless lines and flows? In Week 1, you’ll learn how to distribute your weight on the platform & understand how your heel can become an extension of your leg. Discover how to use the very front tip & the side edges and how to include these into your movements.

Wk  2 - Flow Through Waves

Would you like to look bendier when you dance & improve transitions between moves? Many of us have learned a body wave as a move, but in heels-based pole dance styles they are hidden in almost every move! This week you will discover how to use your spine intentionally to create waves in different forms. This will elevate the quality of your movement, while you also improve your flow during transitions.

Wk 3 - Leg Swirls

Do you love the twirling, swirling movements seen on your favourite dancers? The movement of your legs using the rotation of your hips can increase the dimensionality and flow in your dancing immensely. In Week 3 we will look at different techniques to improve your range of motion and how to incorporate all kind of leg swirls into your dance movements. 

Wk 4 - Heel Technique - Slides & Glides 

Do you envy the way your favourite dancers slide over the floor and make it look as if they are floating? In Week 4, we will break down the techniques and help you understand how to achieve this. We will focus on improving how you use your platforms in different ways, and focus on incorporating these techniques into your moves. Let’s get you gliding like a figure skater!

Secure your place in "From The Heels Up" - A 4-week heels-based pole Mentorship with Jazzy K

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Pole Dance Fitness Program

Hey! I'm Indi, the founder of Indi Pole Dance.

In 2014, I created Indi Pole Dance, as a community for pole dancers all around the world. My passion has always been community. In 2016 we transitioned from pole wear to experience-based offerings, namely our super-popular luxury pole Retreats with the world's best instructors in Bali & Europe.

When COVID threw us a curveball, we knew we wanted to create something new & special to keep our community learning online, so we created our online Mentorships programs & Masterclasses. These progressive, interactive online programs have completely changed the way we learn pole online & they have been a pleasure to create & run. Our Mentorships & Masterclasses almost always sell out, because of the combination of world-class instructors, our unique programs & the amazing progress our students make. While COVID life can feel isolated, these programs are the perfect way to connect. I hope you'll join us on this amazing journey.

Frequently asked questions

When does the Mentorship start?

The "From The Heels Up" Mentorship with Jazzy K runs from June 5, 2021 until July 9, 2021

How much spin pole experience do I need to have?

This Mentorship is for dancers with basic experience in heels (e.g. you have taken some exotic classes and danced in heels). Also suited to dancers who are starting to instruct, who want to develop their heels & dance technique further. There are no flexibility or “trick” requirements for this foundational Mentorship program.

What times are the live Zoom sessions?

The live zoom workshops will be held at 11am CEST (7pm AEST / 2am PDT / 5am EDT) on Saturdays. The workshops will be recorded if you can't attend live.

What if I can't join the live workshop?

Don't worry, everything is recorded. The recordings will be posted directly after class & you can download them.

How much is the Mentorship?

The Mentorship is €399

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we do! You can pay in full upon booking, or choose a payment plan option. For the payment plan option, 50% will be due on booking, and the remaining 50% will be due 2 weeks before the start of the Mentorship. Payment plans attract a €50 administration & processing fee, added to the final instalment.

I don't have a credit card, can I still join?

Yes, please contact us at for PayPal and bank transfer options

I'd like to discuss the Mentorship further, is that possible!

Yes, please contact us at & we can answer all your questions! We love to chat.

Secure one of just 30 places in "From The Heels Up" - A 4-week Mentorship with Jazzy K for just €399

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