Bespoke pole dance and learning opportunities, through our Luxury Pole Retreats, online Mentorship programs & tutorial App. Come & dance with us!



MENTORSHIPS. Join one of our exclusive online mentoring programs and fast-track your progress. Our 4- and 6-Week Mentorship programs are structured, interactive programs & you receive feedback every week to keep you making progress.

APP. We have more than 200+ on-demand tutorials available right now on our App. Learn at your own pace and follow along with step-by-step instructions from all your favourite instructors. Pole, exotic, flexibility & more!

RETREATS. We believe in the power of taking time out from real life to focus on you. Join one of our curated luxury Retreats in locations like Bali and Berlin! Dance, laugh & connect on one of our signature Retreats.

“A game changer!”

“These Mentorships have been a game changer for me, giving me access to training I would never have previously had access to. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am.” – Sue

“Totally recommend”

“The Mentorship was one of my best investments to improve my skills. My dancing has improved so much and my freestyle looks a lot more fluent. I totally recommend the Mentorship!” – Julia

“The greatest experience!”

“This experience really helped me gain more confidence and better not just my splits but flexibility all over my body. Even though the Mentorship has ended its given me the tools to continue to get better and push myself.” – Kyla