Do I need a certificate to teach heels pole dance?

7 Skills Heels Instructors Should Have

Getting certified to teach heels is a pretty new thing in the pole dance industry. The question is why would you bother getting certified?

Well, dancing in heels has been around since the origins of pole in clubs! 

Recently, heels classes have become more and more in demand. In fact, some studios now teach more heels than tricks classes! Yay! With this popularity there is an urgent demand for great instructors

Flow, old school & hard style are now the most popular styles students want to learn, and these are HIGHLY TECHNICAL. Teachers need to know how to help students develop leg strength & mobility, ankle control in heels, and to understand how to use all the edges of their heels & the platform in very specific ways, to make their dance look effortless. 

Do you want to share your love of heels with students? 


  1. Do you know which conditioning and mobility exercises to add to your warm ups to increase leg strength and hip mobility required for heels? 
  2. Do you know how to progress and regress every move you teach in a class? Mastering this will have you slaying multi-level classes and have students coming back week after week!
  3. Do you wish you could explain complex movements efficiently, in a way that helps your students have those “a-ha!” moments? 
  4. Do you know all the key teaching points that will have students mastering their pirouettes? 
  5. Do you know how to help students develop their own heels style by playing with prompts?
  6. Is creating choreography something you’d love to get better at?
  7. Do you have a structured system that helps you quickly plan highly effective classes? 


                                                                               Get certified now


-These are some of the skills that will make you an excellent instructor. How did you go?

-While heels pole dance certification isn’t for everyone, if you want to have the confidence of knowing your teaching is at the highest level possible, then certification might be for you!

-Let me share with you some of the benefits of getting certified in our Indi Pole ‘Low Flow Heels 1′ instructor certification program.

-Firstly, our heels pole dance certification is the most comprehensive in the pole industry. It’s an in-depth 50 hr program, it’s no tick and flick! You take the time to thoroughly gain the knowledge, tools & confidence you need to become the best instructor you can be.


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forget pointed toes

5 ways to refine your Heels Artistry​

Gone are the days of simply “point your toes” when wearing heels. 

Heelwork and Edgework are new aesthetic trends in pole dance that will make your dance more interesting. But this is an art that requires skill, knowledge and practice! 

Heelwork and Edgework focus on using your heels in a flowing graceful way, and adding edge work details by using your full range of ankle mobility. 

Whether you like flow or old school style, learning how to use your heels to the max will help you become a better heels pole dancer and instructor!  

Here are our top tips for getting started with Heelwork and Edgework.

  1. Understand the anatomy of your heels. Do you know about the inside edge, outside edge, slope and stiletto of your heels? Building knowledge about the shoe is the first step to embracing the heelwork and edgework trends! 
  2. Use the full range of motion of your ankle when you dance. When your foot has no weight on it, try moving your ankle through the demi-point, flex, sickle and wing position as you dance, for example during a pirouette, slide or leg wave. 
  3. Explore and play. Without judgment, experiment with different shapes and lines you can create with your heels using various ankle positions and the different edges of your shoe! P.S. If exploring heelwork and edgework feels scary, consider joining our heels pole dance instructor certification, where we help you learn and teach the art of heelwork so you can dance & teach with confidence!
  4. Learn from a variety of instructors who teach heelwork and edgework, so you can get used to this type of movement. Our team of instructors – Indi, Tati, Jazzy & Clo – love to teach these techniques and each has their own unique heels pole dance style. 
  5. Strengthen your legs and ankles with conditioning exercises. Dancing with grace & flow in your heels requires lots of strength in your legs and ankles, so add a few conditioning exercises to your warm up that specifically target single leg strength, hip mobility & ankle mobility. 
If heelwork and edgework fascinate you, and you want to further refine your heels artistry, consider joining our low flow heels pole instructor certification program –Low Flow Heels Instructor Trainingwhich is starting soon! 

In our heels pole dance instructor certification program we teach you all about the edges of your shoe and give you the tools to build strong legs and ankles for heelwork, along with techniques to help you and your students explore the art of heelwork and edgework. 

Even if you don’t plan to teach, this certification course is a great way to deepen your own knowledge of the art of heels pole dance.

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