instructor training graduates 


Heike Malz
Heike, (she/her)

Based in Germany – she teaches at Star Pole Dance in Weilerswist. Contact her at: Malz.h@gmx.de

Iris Wullschleger
Iris, (she/her)

Based in Rothrist (Switzerland) – she owns Flow Studio, where she teaches 

Johanna N. de Agé
Johanna, (she/her)

She own a studio in Jönköping (Sweden) where she teaches. Contact her at: johanna.ndeage@gmail.com

2021-11-04_Katy_Kay522-Bearbeitet Kopie - Katarina Tolkmit
Katarina, (she/her)

Based in Austria – she teaches online & offline in Salzburg. Contact her at: office@verticalkay.de

IMG_1889 - Marlena Warzuchowska
Marlena, (she/her)

Based in Bratislava (Slovakia) – she teaches in person classes. You can contact her at: m.warzuchowska@gmail.com

Larissa Kali - Larissa Fellegger
Larissa Kali, (she/her)

Based in Austria – she teaches online & in person classes in Graz for beginner and intermediate levels. She travels around Austria for workshops and teaches at international pole camps. Contact her at: hello@larissa-poledance.com

353BA21F-E7B6-426C-AACC-928235289895 - Mimi S.
Mimi, (she/her)

Based in Liestal (Switzerland) – she teaches beginner classes at Pole Bijou 

Morgane Toromanof
Momo, (she/her)

Based in Paris (France) – she teaches at Pole & Dance. Contact her at: morgane.poledance@hotmail.fr

Nicole Poller
Nicole, (she/her)

Based bear Bucharest (Romania) – she teaches online group & private classes. 

Rachael Gisella
Rachael, (she/her)

Based in London (UK) – she teaches in-person classes and online classes & workshops for industry-leading platforms. Contact her at: Rachaelgisella@gmail.com

Sandi Wilkie
Sandi, (she/her)

Based in Edinburgh (UK) – she teaches at the Watermelon Studio.

Tine Thidemann Adsen
Tine, (she/her)

Based in Norway – she teaches beginner & intermediate classes in Kongsvinger at Vinger Pole Fitness. Contact her at: tinesoer@yahoo.no

North America

Sassy Resuello
Sassy, (she/her)

Based in LA (California) – she teaches at  The Vertitude & DOM Dancing Space

Eszter Higgins
Sutra, (she/her)

Based in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) – she teaches online privates and 4-week series as well as substituting in local studios and being a traveling instructor

Mary Orpilla
Mary, (she/her)

Based in California – she teaches in-person classes at Sadie’s Pole Studio and online classes & workshops for industry-leading platforms. Contact her at: mary.poles.ca@gmail.com


Amanda Day
Amanda, (she/her)

Based in Halifax (Nova Scotia) – she teaches full time at The Studio – Aerial Art & Fitness

Anneke Russell
Anneke, (she/her)

Based in Moncton (New Brunswick) – she owns & teaches full time at The Studio – Aerial Art & Fitness

NIK_70766 - Alyaz Photography
Krista, (she/her)

Based in Halifax (Nova Scotia) – she teaches at InesS Studio

Australia & New Zealand

Helen - Helen Main
Helen, (she/her)

Based in Auckland (New Zeland) – she teaches beginner & intermediate classes at Limitless Studios. Contact her at: hellsbellsmoves@gmail.com


Angela Zheng
Angela, (she/her)

Based in Hong Kong – she teaches at Flaunt Studio. Contact her at: angelazheng216@gmail.com

Yvonne Ng
Yvonne, (she/her)

Based in Kuala Lumpur – she owns & teaches at Pole Haven KL

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