Masterclass: “A class taught by someone with expert knowledge or skill in a particular area, especially the arts.”

We are excited to bring you the pole world’s only online Masterclass series! These 2-3hr masterclasses are a deep dive into a particular topic, delivered by expert instructors. Fast-track your progress by learning from the best in the world, where they share the secrets of their craft.

These are intensives – you will be challenged, have your mind opened, & new skills unlocked. Your instructors have developed this specialised content exclusively for our Masterclasses, and it is not offered anywhere else.

Upcoming Masterclass series: March 2021 (dates below)

Find Your Balance

2 hr Masterclass with Jazzy K. The handstand with the pole is a move that many dancers aspire to achieve. It is not easy, but with proper technique and step by step breakdown, it is achievable for everyone. In this Masterclass you will learn how to build strength in your wrists, shoulders and core to keep you safe and improve your balance game. Then you will explore progressions to get you closer to the handstand dream. This masterclass is perfect for those that can do a double forearm stand against the pole or are already working on their handstand. Pole required.

Length: 2 hrs, pole required. Heels not required

Like A Cyclone: Turns, Twists & Drops

2hr Masterclass with Bianca Bi. Turns, twists and drops are impressive moves in any Exotic choreography, & they are what Bianca Bi is known for! If you are lover of twirls, turns, pirouettes, drops and everything that gives a choreography that spicy, dynamic touch, this class is perfect for you! Learn the drills, essentials and techniques of all these Exotic trick elements and how to incorporate them in your own dance (and create your own signature moves too)! Suitable for intermediate exotic dancers & above. Pole & knee pads are required.

Length: 2 hrs, pole required

Initiation to Spin

2hr Masterclass with Marion Crampe. Marion wants to share the magic of spinning pole dancing and guide you to achieve beyond your expectations. You will learn the fundamental principles of spin & rotation, beginner spin techniques with a sprinkle of special Marion dust! You will be introduced to several combinations through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. Emphasis will be placed on your understanding, safety, and most of all your pleasure, to discover more about pole dance and about your own abilities. You’ve never really tried spinning pole or want to explore a new way. You wish to finally be able to take a class with Marion. Then you are PERFECT and this is for you. All you need is a pole that can spin, an outfit that makes you feel good, your grip and trust. All levels, pole required. 

Length: 2 hrs, pole required

The Secrets of Flow

2hr Masterclass with Ms Lizard. Discover your own flow. Creating a beautiful flow in exotic pole dance is about defining your own way to move, rather than following a standard style. All of the secrets of flow are hidden in shapes, details, and movement quality. Playing with these elements can completely change the visual result, and the sensory experience for the audience. In this Masterclass you will explore the secrets of flow. First you’ll discuss the theory and then immediately apply them to your pole practise through combos. Take this Masterclass for an incredible boost to your dance technique skills! Suitable for all levels, heels optional.

Length: 2 hrs, pole required

Exotic Movement: Teacher Seminar

2hr Masterclass with Jazzy K @jazzykpole. Are you an Exotic Instructor? Or just a committed student who wants to know more about how to dance exotic safely? In this masterclass, designed specifically for Exotic instructors, you will learn about the key movements of Exotic pole and the biomechanics behind the movements. With a focus on shoulders, spine, hips & ankles, you will learn to understand how the body moves during exotic pole, how this is different to non-exotic, & how to condition those areas to become a strong and mobile dancer. Targeted areas are your shoulders, spine, hips and ankles.This masterclass will use the pole but a lot of exercises can be done without. This Masterclass is suitable for current Exotic instructors, aspiring instructors, or dancers who just love to nerd out on technique!

Length: 2 hrs, pole required.

Old School Exotic Heelwork

2hr Masterclass with Estefania Jimenez. Take your exotic heel work to the next level in this in-depth explanation & exploration of Old School Exotic Heel Work with Estefania Jimenez. In this technique-focused Masterclass you will explore the characteristic shapes & lines you can create using your heels & learn the secrets to making your heel work look weightless, elegant, flowing & fluid. Concepts you’ll explore: weight transfer, pointe work, rotations, slide, skating, float, drive & drag. Suitable for those with foundational experience dancing in heels.

Length: 2 hrs, pole required


2hr Masterclass with Tati Brumund. Exobatics – the combination of pole dance, basic acrobatic & gymnastic elements.Starting from a strong foundation with conditioning and technical explanations. From there, we will work on several key acrobatic moves including variations on shoulder stand, fish flop & cartwheel. Once we’ve learned the concepts & safe technique, we will explore these ExoBatic movements on and around the pole. With a focus on breaking down those movements and the initiation of movement. Suitable for dancers who can safely shoulder stand.

Length: 2 hrs, pole required

Pole Flow Concepts

2hr Masterclass with Lorenza Perrone. In this Masterclass, you’ll dive into Lorenza’s favourite low flow static pole techniques, with a special focus on the “in between” moments that make every movement refined. After learning Lorenza’s key techniques, you’ll have the chance to explore & express your uniqueness through a series of guided movement research and freestyle exercises. A pole & knee pads are required. Wear what you feel comfortable in. All levels.

Length: 2 hrs, pole required

Active Flexibility for Splits

2hr Masterclass with Ruby Lai. In this Masterclass Ruby the queen of splits will teach you how to improve your active flexibility. Optimal pole flexibility means having strong glutes, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors. Ruby will guide you through the principles of active flexibility, along with her favourite active flexibility techniques and exercises. With a variety of tools and techniques, Ruby will teach you how to safely build up your strength and flexibility to achieve killer splits on and off the pole.

Length: 2 hrs, no pole required