When we watch our favourite pole artists dance, we know we are seeing flow. Their dance is effortless, graceful, mesmerising & captivating. We want to dance like this, deep in our soul. But, HOW? we ask.

We sat down (virtually!) with Queen of old school Exotic flow, Estefania Jimenez. From Mexico, Estefania is known for her mesmerizing style, combining beautiful leg waves with graceful twirls, slides and gorgeous heel work.

Here are Estefania’s top 3 pieces of advice to help you create seamless, smooth movement.

1. “Extend every movement to its full potential. Take your time to reach the maximum point of extension with legs and arms in any movement you’re doing. When I’m practising something new, I try to go as slow as I possibly can at first, to fully understand the movement.”

2. “Anticipate. To create a non-stop flow look you need to be prepared to connect one movement and the next. To do this, you have to mentally plan where you need to place your hands, feet or body for the next move, a second or two before the current movement ends.”

3. “Move with a purpose. For example, try to match your hair flip with the beat of the song, or extend your hand on a slow part of the song. This is a very personal thing, and it will feel unique for you. But find those moments where you are adding interest or style through your intention.”

We hope this pieces of advice find a way into your practice, to help you create and craft, and dance with more ease. 

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Indi xx

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